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RUSH: I’ll tell you what we’ll do. Let’s cut tax dollars for the rich right now. Let’s defund what remains of TARP. If you want to talk about cutting taxes for the rich, whatever’s not spent for stimulus, get rid of it. Who did it go to? It went to the rich, it went to unions. Let’s defund what remains of TARP, let’s return the money to taxpayers. Let’s eliminate General Electric’s special tax deals so it actually pays some income tax. No more subsidies for billionaires to promote phony green energy proposals. If you want to talk about defunding the rich I’m all for it. Let’s stop giving $140 million to AT&T, $202 million dollars to the United Auto Workers. In fact, let’s stop giving automobile companies to the unions. You want to defund the rich? Fine, stop giving tax breaks to GE, your corporate crony buddy.


RUSH: Just to repeat: You got Van Hollen and Pelosi and Reid, the whole Democrat Party with their cliched reaction to the Ryan budget, which is: “Tax cuts for the rich! Health care cuts for the sick! All of these people are gonna be put out of their homes,” the same old stuff they’ve been saying for 30 years. Okay, let’s cut taxes for the rich. You people in Mediaite getting this? You people at Media Matters? Start writing: Let’s cut taxes for the rich. TARP was for the rich, rich banker bailouts. Not all of it has been spent. Let’s defund what remains. Let’s return the money to the taxpayers. General Electric, in bed with the regime, paid no federal income taxes.

Let’s eliminate whatever special deal they’ve got so that they will now pay some federal income tax. GE’s a rich company. And how about we just eliminate subsidies of millions of dollars for billionaires to promote this phony “green energy” idea. Let’s get rid of ethanol subsidies for massive farm corporations. Let’s get rid of the federal laws that make trial lawyers among the richest people in the country.


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