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RUSH: Sandra, Sunset Hills, Missouri, you’re next on the EIB Network. I’ve got about a minute and a half here, Sandra, is all, but I wanted to get to you.

CALLER: Uh-oh, I think I’m gonna take all of it ’cause I had two parts. The first one is I’m about the same age as you and have grown up studying and hearing about the Civil War and all the issues and everything, just as everyone else has, and I always thought how unbelievable it was that all our fellow countrymen and members of the same families could be so far apart in their ideologies —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — that they would actually go to war with each other, and I watched a show last night on PBS on the Civil War, and I was astounded as I sat there watching it at how different my reaction was because every time they talked about an ideology or a belief that one senator thought as opposed to another senator and then so forth and so on, they weren’t any worse than the differences that we have now today. And it scares me to death because before our last election when Obama was elected, it seemed like, you know, between George Soros and other Democrats, they were all fired up and were gonna get that guy elected no matter what —

RUSH: Yeah, but here’s the thing to remember about that. Obama was the great unifier. Obama was going to bridge these gaps. Obama was going to bring love between people back, and all he’s done is divide the country further. But that’s an interesting take that you’ve got. I mean the Civil War, you can’t find a period in our country, in our history where we’ve been more divided, obviously by definition. And for you to watch that and think we’re close to it now is fascinating. I wish I had more time here with you, Sandra, but I really don’t. I have to go, but thanks very much for calling.


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