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In Saturday’s Washington Post, columnist Marc Fisher traced the origins of the current turmoil in the Mideast. It started in Tunisia which erupted after the suicide of a fruit vendor. He had been the victim of a corrupt policewoman – found no justice from government officials. “Revolutions are explosions of frustration and rage that build over time, sometimes over decades,” Fischer writes. “Although their political roots are deep, it is often a single spark that ignites them.”

Let’s apply that to our own country. For decades, frustration and rage have been building among those who toil endlessly to provide benefits and transfer income – to those who don’t. No matter how much income is taxed and transferred it’s never enough. There’s always another new social program to fund, while existing programs siphon taxpayer money.

Meanwhile, increasing regulations, and government policies like those crippling our production of energy make it harder to stay in business. The producers are increasingly being forced to pay for the health care and pensions of the leeches. When government workers are required to pay just a portion of their own benefits they protest violently, even though their salaries are higher than those in the private sector. Ask the government to enforce immigration law and you’re called a racist xenophobe.

The Tea Party was the beginning. If there isn’t a change in the way business in America is conducted, don’t think another “revolution” can’t happen here. Hopefully it will at the ballot box.

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