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RUSH: Bergen County, New Jersey. Hello Bill. I appreciate your patience. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you. I think I can see no reason why we went into Libya at this point in time. The only thing I can think of is Obama may want Khadafy taken out because he hasn’t been a threat to us. He’s been very independent since over ten years ago when we went after him for what he did to the plane.

RUSH: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. You think Obama wants Khadafy gone because Khadafy has not been a threat to us?

CALLER: Exactly. Why else would he attack the guy? The guy doesn’t do anything to the United States. He doesn’t represent a threat here. He hasn’t done anything. He hasn’t thrown down any of our planes or anything.

RUSH: Well, but he has.

CALLER: That was a long time ago. He got paid for that. We almost killed him as a result of that.

RUSH: All right. So why does Obama want people in power who do threaten the US?

CALLER: That is the question that I think the American people have to answer as to why they voted for him last election and why they should not vote for him in the next election.

RUSH: You really mean that you think get Khadafy out of the way because he doesn’t threaten the US and have him replaced by someone who does, i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood or what have you?

CALLER: Yes. I believe that.

RUSH: That’s a serious charge you’re making out there, Bill.

CALLER: I understand that. But I’m not a politician, and I see it this way because I do follow the news and I follow what’s going on in the world, and Libya just isn’t a threat to the United States. There’s no reason for him to have gone after this guy.

RUSH: Well, I think one of the reasons for doing it is because they thought it would be easy. Because the case could be made. The same kind of thing is happening in Syria, and Bashar Assad is no different than Khadafy. Male, Arab, anti-American, slaughtering his own people. There’s no difference whatsoever. Iran, ditto. We’ve gone through this all week. Any number of places around the world. North Korea, Darfur, Zimbabwe. But Libya… The Middle East is on fire. The geography here is not irrelevant. You look at the record: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, these countries have, to varying degrees, and sometimes in contradictory ways, but in varying degrees have all helped us with the war on terror. Now, they’ve also got factions inside who have attacked us. Yemen, of course, and the USS Cole. Libya, we know that Khadafy has been behind acts of terrorism. Egypt is an ally. Saudi Arabia’s a target of what’s happening. (laughing) Jeffersonian Obama.

Charleston, South Carolina, Carl. Thank you. You’re on Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Good afternoon, sir.

RUSH: Thank you for calling.

CALLER: I understand that the administration was using social media to encourage protests in Egypt and other places. So to that point if they did, then I think they have blood on their hands.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait just a second now. The Obama regime was using social media?

CALLER: I heard one scant report, I think CNN mentioned it. I hadn’t heard it since.

RUSH: Well, I know social media was being used by people in Egypt. (interruption) Our State Department was using Twitter to try to communicate with protesters? Okay, but was the State Department encouraging the protesters to rise up and overthrow? That’s what Carl here is saying.

CALLER: Right, well, that’s the data we need to know. If we could find that out it would be critical, and if they did then we’d have blood on our hands. Secondly, we went in to support, we brought in a no-fly zone —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — and now if you take a look at Syria, Syria is blowing up and my guess is a lot of protesters are emboldened by the no-fly zone support they’re getting in Libya, and my guess is that they’re now going to want or expect a no-fly zone in Syria, so that now we’re in checkmate. We either don’t help them or we do help them.

RUSH: Well, but —

CALLER: This should be the end of the president’s career.

RUSH: Meaning they want the no-fly zone to use it as cover for committing atrocities?

CALLER: Well, right. If the people of Syria begin to protest and there are atrocities then they’re gonna expect — I think they’re emboldened now, they expect a no-fly zone, whether it’s the US or NATO or whomever. If they don’t get it, then we’ve abandoned them and he’ll lose a large part of his base —

RUSH: Okay. Well, is Obama talking about expanding the no-fly zone to Syria?

CALLER: No, but Syria is blowing up today. There are protests in the streets of Syria.

RUSH: I know. This is why we’re raising the question, given the reasoning for Libya, why not go into Syria and save the people? You’re saying Syrian protesters are going to be expecting it. (interruption) Okay, they want one, but expecting is another thing. No, I don’t know that I would expect a no-fly zone if I’m — where have we ever tried to liberate the Syrians? What in the world would make ’em think we’re going to do that? What am I missing here?


RUSH: I know what the last caller was saying. I’m trying to be my usual polite self here. I’m sure a lot of other people think that Syrian protesters are gonna expect protection from us, a no-fly zone from us like the protesters in Libya got. The Iranians probably thought so, too, and there’s been no evidence that we’re gonna help them. Okay, we’ve gone into Egypt and we’ve helped out, but look what’s happened? We’ve installed the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is running Egypt. It’s not a democracy movement. In Libya, we still don’t know for sure why we’re there. This is the most muddled policy ever. Nobody knows. One day we’re there to get rid of Khadafy; then we’re not there to get rid of Khadafy. We’re there to protect people. Then we’re not gonna. There’s not been a presidential address. We don’t know what the purpose is here. Now NATO’s running the show and the leadership in NATO has just been passed off to a Canadian. Under no-fly zones, genocides happen. The no-fly zone in Bosnia led to the genocide over there. No-fly zone over Libya. They don’t have an air force. There’s no point in a no-fly zone in Libya. But on what grounds would the people in Syria, intellectually, expect that we’re gonna come to their rescue? On what grounds? Syria is properly anti-Israel.

Here’s another aspect about this. Syria is anti-American. And the Obama regime has yet to go to bat for anybody protesting anti-American regimes. Now, stop and think about that. The people in Libya were protesting Khadafy. The people in Syria are protesting or rising up against Bashar Assad. But Bashar Assad is anti-American. We have not gone to bat for anybody protesting anti-American regimes. We haven’t done it. Now, you can draw your own conclusion from it, but we haven’t. And let me tell you where the end of this all leads. The end of this, the trail that we’re on leads to Israel, whether you want to admit it or not. Netanyahu is talking about erecting his dome, his anti-missile dome. Has Obama called Israel to assure them of our assistance should any of this get outta hand aimed at them? (interruption) He called Netanyahu yesterday? Yeah, about the bombing in Israel, but has he offered any aid or — I don’t know. If it has been offered, it hasn’t been reported.

If these people in Syria think that Obama and Hillary just pulled us out there for all intents and purposes. We’re not a superpower anymore. We can’t do it. We can’t afford it. NATO’s doing this. The whole point of all this has been to exhibit, to illustrate, to establish that the United States can’t do all this stuff anymore and isn’t going to. So they’re in for a rude surprise in Syria. We’re asking the question here rhetorically because we’re trying to point out the hypocrisy and meaninglessness of stated policy. Okay you’re gonna go in there and get rid of Khadafy because he’s being mean to his people. Well, hello Bashar Assad, and hello Kim Jong-il, and hello Robert Mugabe, and hello whoever’s running Darfur. It’s not the standard. They say it’s the standard, but it’s not the standard. There are all kinds of people being mistreated. People of color are being mistreated all over the world. In fact, far worse than the people in Libya, in some cases, are being treated. Or far worse, I should say, than Khadafy is treated.


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