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RUSH: Our audio sound bite roll today, folks, is delicious. An Obama montage from March the 3rd and March 21st. This is a short little montage of Obama talking about US policy toward Khadafy.

OBAMA: Colonel Khadafy needs to step down from power and leave. It is US policy that Khadafy needs to go. Moammar Khadafy has lost legitimacy to lead, and he must leave.

RUSH: Of course they’ve also said no, he doesn’t have to leave. If he ends up remaining he better let people say bad things about him. So up next a hilarious roster of sound bites. First the deputy national security advisor saying that regime change is not our mission. After you just heard this montage of Obama saying Khadafy needs to step down, Khadafy needs to go, that’s our policy, Khadafy’s lost legitimacy, this is Denis McDonough last night, Wolf Blitzer, CNN, The Situation Room.

MCDONOUGH: We’re not setting out with a policy of regime change here. We set out a very defined goal here, which is we have shaped the environment and enable our international partners to take over the no-fly zone.

RUSH: Wolf Blitzer is apoplectic. He can’t believe this because he’s heard the regime say, he’s heard Obama say Khadafy’s gotta go, he’s gotta go, he’s gotta go a number of times. And here now is the deputy national security advisor McDonough saying, “We’re not setting out with a policy of regime change.” Wolf says, “How many times has the president said over the past few weeks that Khadafy has to go?”

MCDONOUGH: Well, I haven’t counted, Wolf, maybe you have.

BLITZER: At least a dozen.

MCDONOUGH: Well, I take your word for it as I always do.

BLITZER: Well, doesn’t that mean regime change if Khadafy must go?

MCDONOUGH: You asked whether it was an acceptable outcome, and what we’ve said is we’ve set out a very specific goal for our forces. We have turned back the forces from Benghazi and we are on the verge now of being able to hand over the conduct of the no-fly zones to our allies.

RUSH: Okay, it’s a non-answer. Wolf doesn’t like it. He asks again but he still gets no answer.

BLITZER: But must Khadafy go?

MCDONOUGH: Well, that’s gonna be a determination for the Libyan people to make.

BLITZER: But the president says he must go.

MCDONOUGH: Well, the pres — you know, I’m not gonna improve on that. A good answer that the president gave on this question yesterday, which I know you watched, which was obviously a part of his press conference —

BLITZER: Is that US policy still that Khadafy must go?

MCDONOUGH: Well, the president did outline exactly what our — our policy view is —

BLITZER: And he said Khadafy must go.


RUSH: (laughing) Jeez. We’re listening to the deputy national security advisor, Denis McDonough, and this is friendly media. Wolf Blitzer bending over backwards. All you gotta do here, Denis, is echo what the president said, all you gotta do is say, “Yeah, it’s regime change,” but he won’t say it. And now, folks, we enter, Abbott and Costello territory. Listen to this.

CALLER: I don’t want to be a pest, but if the policy is Khadafy must go, I assume that means regime change but you just said the policy was not regime change.

RUSH: We’re not pursuing regime change as a result of this military effort. That’s been quite clear since the president addressed it with the American people —

BLITZER: But you aren’t pursuing regime change separate from the military effort; is that correct?

MCDONOUGH: Well, we’re gonna bring a whole range of assets and efforts and resources to this — to this important policy, Wolf, but it’s not gonna be solely a military effort.

RUSH: When was the last time a news anchor ever apologized to say George W. Bush or anybody else in his regime for being a pest? Okay, I don’t mean to be a pest here, but if the policy is Khadafy must go, I assume it means regime change. Now, the interesting outflow from this, I mean you and I all really are not surprised. Let’s be honest. We have known since before the election that we’re dealing with a neophyte. We have known that we are dealing with somebody not qualified for the job. We have known that the people he would choose to be around him are also not qualified. Well, I knew it, we’ve all suspected. Look, you and I, we all knew that everything we were told about Barack Obama, his qualifications, his uniqueness, it was all spin, was all BS. None of us are shocked. We listen to this and we cringe because this is serious stuff, and it’s the Keystone Cops. This is the Three Stooges. This is Abbott and Costello. This is Saturday Night Live, except it’s not.

There are real missiles and real bombs being dropped on real people by a guy who got a Nobel Peace Prize on the come, who now says he’s not gonna give it back.


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