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RUSH: Sarah Palin did weigh in. She was on with Greta Van Susteren on Fox last night. During a discussion about the non-war, the “kinetic military action” in Libya, Greta Van Susteren said, “What should we be doing in Libya?” Sarah Palin.

PALIN: Khadafy has the blood of innocent Americans on his hands. He needs to be held accountable for that, what happened all those years ago. Well, now is our opportunity to make sure that he is held accountable. So when our president said, at first, that our mission is to “see Khadafy go, he’s gotta go,” but then we’re told by one of his top advisors the president’s top advisors saying, “Well, no really Khadafy is probably gonna prevail in this. He’s probably gonna prevail over the opposition,” and then our president changes the tune again saying, “Well, it’s not our mission to oust Khadafy,” there’s a lot of confusion. I would like to see, of course, as long as we’re in it we better be in it to win it — and if there’s doubt, we get out. Win it means Khadafy goes, and America gets to get on out of there.

RUSH: Right. So that’s Palin weighing in on the definition of victory, with a little Jesse Jackson rhyme thrown in. “If we’re in it, better win it. If there’s doubt, we get out. Win it means Khadafy goes, America gets to get on outta there.” Hee-hee. And then Van Susteren said, “Bill Maher just used a vulgarity with you.” Did you guys hear about this? I had the story yesterday. This is the one the NOW gang had to chide Maher about for what he said. He referred to her using an obscenity, a four-letter word beginning with the letter T. And the NAGs did not really want to come to her defense, but they were kind of forced into it. It was a demeaning comment about a woman. So they chided Maher for saying it, but they also said in their statement (summarized):

“Look, you Republicans, don’t think that this means we like you! Don’t think it means that we’re on your side about any of this. We’re on to you guys. We know that you’ve trapped us into this, and we have to say something.” It was hilarious. (interruption) Oh, come on! You know what the T-word is. It starts with a T and it ends with a T. So anyway, that’s what Maher called her and that’s what Van Susteren’s asking her about here. “Bill Maher just used a vulgarity with you. Now, you may say that you’re over it, but it is degrading to women. That’s the problem. You’ve got a daughter, your daughter’s friends, everybody watching has a mother or a sister. It’s degrading. It does need to be fair.”

PALIN: Nobody’s ever promised that life was gonna be fair, and politics, it really isn’t fair — the scrutiny, the double standards and all that. By the way, I need NOW’s defense “like a fish needs a bicycle.” I don’t want them to defend me. My point is when a shot is taken at me, it is water off a duck’s back because I know the important things in life that we need to concentrate on, especially the national and international issues that are so important in our country.

RUSH: So there’s Palin saying she doesn’t particularly care about it, she’s not affected by it. Which is… I mean, that’s the attitude she needs to have. (interruption) Look… Okay, Snerdley. Do you still not know? (interruption) Okay, you figured it out now? I could say that he called her… Well, he didn’t call her a “twit.” Does that help? (interruption) You know what’s amazing? The people in Rio Linda know this with the first letter. You required three letters minimum to figure it out.


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