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Pharaoh Obama’s Ministry of Justice has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Muslim teacher who demanded three weeks off to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Safoorah Khan, who’d only been on the job nine months, pressed the Chicago suburb of Berkley, Illinois for the time off near the end of the semester a critical time for students. Since Ms. Khan was the only math lab instructor, the school district denied her request. So she quit.

Now Attorney General Eric Holder is suing the school district claiming that their refusal to grant Ms. Khan leave amounted to religious discrimination. According to the Washington Post, the lawsuit “has triggered debate over whether the Justice Department was following a purely legal path, or whether suing on Kahn’s behalf was part of a broader Obama Administration campaign to reach out to Muslims.” Or, some might wonder, to bow down to Muslims.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Which I’m not. Teachers have summers off. Much more than three weeks. Muslims are urged to travel to Mecca at least once in their lives. Not during a specific time frame, like end of the school marking period.

Nonetheless, this is the same Justice Department that refused to deal with the New Black Panther Party’s voter intimidation in Philadelphia, and caused Eric Holder to blow a gasket at critics for going after his “people.” One thing for sure. Justice isn’t blind. It sees “his people” quite well … and will go to the mat for them!

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