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RUSH: On Libya. Where is Secretary Colin Powell, or General Colin Powell? He said of Iraq, “You break it, you own it.” That’s a Powell doctrine. Where is Powell on Libya? Has Powell been on CNN today, or why has he not been on CNN earlier this week to discuss all this? Colonel Powell, it was Reagan that made him a four-star general. Khadafy’s been a colonel for 46 years. And the thing about that is that Khadafy could promote himself and hasn’t. He must like the way it looks when it’s written or like the way it sounds. Colonel Khadafy. He must be into alliteration. He probably thinks it sounds better than General Khadafy, major general, sergeant major, Admiral Khadafy.

Now, I am told that General Powell has been speaking out. Well, Obama’s Libya tack fails every point of the so-called Powell doctrine. The Powell doctrine, you will recall, has three main precepts: avoid mission creep, clearly define your goals, and plan an exit strategy before you go in. And Obama’s Liquid Dawn, whatever it’s called. (interruption) Oh, Odyssey Dawn? I thought it was Liquid Dawn. I thought it was named after a dishwater detergent. Whatever, it fails. And where is Powell? Maybe we should ask, “Where is Mrs. Powell?” This is a female operation. Where is Mrs. Colonel Powell?


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