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RUSH: I don’t believe what I’m watching. It’s another Hillary Clinton press conference. Secretary Clinton talks about nuclear situation in Japan. Secretary Clinton talks about bombing in Jerusalem. Secretary Clinton talking about Libyan operation. Secretary Clinton talking about school lunch program. Where is Obama? He’s on his way home. Oh, that’s right. He’s on his way home. He didn’t go to the Mayan ruins.


RUSH: It was funny, I was watching TV here, PMSNBC. Mrs. Clinton is up there, and every five or ten seconds, they’d switch the graphic: “Hillary Clinton Discussing Nuclear Situation in Japan.” “Hillary Clinton Discussing Libyan Situation on Ground.” “Mrs. Clinton Discussing Saltwater Desalination Plans in Saudi Arabia.” “Mrs. Clinton Discussing Libyan Rebels.” “Mrs. Clinton Discussing Morocco Finance.” She was stressing that the international community “prevented a humanitarian catastrophe.” So now we know what the policy is. She spoke longer than Khadafy does. She did. It looked to me like she was running. She was talking about how wonderful Morocco’s government is, which is probably the kiss of death ’cause she talked about how stable Mubarak’s regime was, and look where he is. So whoever’s running Morocco, you have been warned.


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