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RUSH: I saw this story this morning and said, “What is this?” “Japan Prepares to Restart Work at Nuclear Plant.” Last I’d heard they’d sent everybody outta there, it had all gone radioactive, they’d lost it, meltdown, all that stuff. They sent the workers outta there. Well, guess what? It turns out the Associated Press and the rest of our watchdog media seized upon the remarks of a Japanese official to claim that the emergency workers had completely abandoned their efforts at the Fukushima plant. It was the result of an error in translation. The translator had left out the adverb “temporarily.” They temporarily left their posts. They’re gonna head back in there when it was okay to do so. But the original story was, “My God, even the Japanese are scramming, everybody better leave.” They were just gone temporarily, which, you know, I comment on this all the time, but I’m sorry, folks, I can’t resist this time.

I know that they think that it gives them credibility and a look of authority, authenticity, but it really is preposterous to people like Anderson Cooper 22 and Soledad O’Brien to be standing out in the snow in the middle of a street somewhere on location in Japan. We don’t know where they are. We have no clue where they are. It is completely nondescript and they don’t know what’s going on. They are the ones that help perpetuate this myth that the Japanese were fleeing here, missed this whole translation. So here they are out in the middle of it, not knowing a thing that’s going on, but they look credible, and their authenticity appearance seems to be skyrocketing. But, you know, they’re reporting for an hour about some mistranslation, some complete non-information, whereas if they were in an office with their computers and ear feeds, the IFBs, they could find out what’s going on.

We spent all week long, we’ve been running a little seminar here on the media and how they do things.


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