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RUSH: Jay Carney (the one guy in Washington who wishes he had said “no” when the job offer was made, is no doubt Jay Carney) is the White House press secretary. NBC White House correspondent Mike Viqueira asked, “Any thought to postponing the Latin American trip?” This is the Rio vacation this weekend. NBC didn’t want to characterize it as that but we will. Any chance Obama will postpone the vacation to Rio this weekend?

CARNEY: We are… uh… We still very much plan to — t-to take the trip. I — I — I just want to emphasize with all… We are leaving on schedule on — on — on Friday. The… It bears repeating that this is a crisis, there is no question about it, and it is a crisis in Japan. It is not a crisis in the United States.

RUSH: All right, it’s Japan’s crisis; it’s not Obama’s crisis. We’re going to Rio!

Let Bush say it! (laughing)

It’s a crisis. There’s no question about it. It’s a crisis in Japan, not a crisis in the US. We’re going to Rio! Jay Carney. (laughing)

You remember Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a crisis go to waste”? Everybody remembers that. We saw that mentality after that horrible incident in Tucson, when the left immediately turned that into a political platform to condemn conservatives, including yours truly, and we may see it again in this crisis in Japan. Some liberals in Congress are pointing to this terrible and tragic situation, using it for political leverage to advance their own anti-nuclear agenda. Ed Markey (Democrat-Massachusetts) even called for a moratorium on all new nuclear reactors. Our good buddies at the Heritage Foundation have an opinion on this. It’s posted at AskHeritage.org. It’s there for you to read and get their analysis.

They say that this agenda’s wrong, of course, not to mention harmful to our energy supply. Doing so would just be a huge blunder, as big a blunder is when the regime put a moratorium on offshore drilling after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. But that’s what Obama does. Every event is turned into an attempt to advance their political agenda. That’s why he’s going to Rio! Mission accomplished! “Nuclear problems? Problem solved in America. I don’t have to worry about trying to placate anybody by making ’em think I actually am for nuclear. Call up my buddy, Ed Markey; get Ed Markey to start running down the business, and that’s it, and, in the meanwhile, I go to Rio and hope that Gisele Bundchen is still there.”

Crises are terrible time to make policy. That’s what Obama’s doing. It’s just not appropriate given the lack of information we have. It’s unseemly to use these crises for political gain.


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