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RUSH: “US housing starts posted their biggest decline in 27 years in February while building permits dropped to their lowest level on record, suggesting the beleaguered real estate sector has yet to rebound.” What’s your first clue, Reuters? Suggesting the beleaguered real estate sector has yet to rebound? See, we’re in the midst of this roaring recovery, but somehow the housing people haven’t figured that out. Now, what happened to all the federal aid for this industry? The mortgage industry, the foreclosure program, what happened? How in the hell can all of this federal assistance have led to this? Better stated is, maybe all this federal assistance did lead to this.

Now, this news, I guarantee you, housing starts, biggest drop since 1984, this news will be blamed on the problems in the Middle East and the Japan earthquake and the tsunami, nuclear problems. Because the recession’s been over for two years, they keep telling us. So we’ve got golf. We’ve got parties. We got vacation, Rio de Janeiro this weekend. We got NCAA picks. We got meetings with unions. We got golf. We got parties. We got vacations. We got trips to Rio this weekend. We got vacations. We got meeting with unions. It’s a never-ending loop. “Housing Starts See Biggest Drop Since 1984 — Deepest Slump in Modern History.”

I wonder if David Brooks ever considered this: Because Obama has that perfect crease in his pants, it’s an indication he’s not a hard worker. A leader with a perfect crease in his pants is like a farmer with perfectly smooth hands and no evidence of being in the sun. See, I’m a real guy. If I see a guy with a perfect crease in his pants, I say either he sits in his underwear at his desk and only puts ’em on when he’s gonna meet people or he doesn’t work very hard. All I’m telling you is my pants are wrinkled in the first five minutes. Once I’m in the car, it’s over. How about yours, Snerdley? You don’t even wear pants with creases in ’em. Never mind. (laughing) Really? Did David Brooks ever think maybe that a perfectly pressed pair of slacks means no work?

Let’s see, what else do we have? Higher prices at the gas pump. I wonder. We got higher food prices. That’s out there now, soaring food prices. And I told you about this, I warned you about this during the Egypt business, and everybody pooh-poohed it. “Wholesale Prices Up 1.6% on Steep Rise in Food.” “Inflation Pressures Build on Surge in Energy and Food,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I wonder if food prices are rising at a pace agreeable with President Obama. They must be, because he’s not concerned with gasoline prices, and gasoline prices are related to food prices. Remember, when gasoline was surging to four dollars a gallon, the president, “I don’t mind that, I’m just unhappy with how fast the price got there.” So I wonder what his opinion is of the rising price in food. Is it happening too fast for Obama? Higher prices at the pump please him, as long as they don’t rise too quickly. Rising gas prices always translate to rising food prices. Palin understands this. She has a piece on it at Facebook today. But the fact is this president wants higher gas prices, which means he wants higher food prices. So he got his NCAA picks done today, got it on ESPN, got rising food prices, rising gasoline prices. President Obama ought to be a happy man today. He got it all.


RUSH: Well, it’s just like higher gas prices will make us better people who can serve more, higher prices will making better people because we’ll have to eat less as Martha Stewart said. It’s all good, Moochelle Obama, it’s all good. It’s why brainiacs like David Brooks say the ways of Obama are mysterious to all of us. But they work in the end.


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