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According to the political newspaper The Hill: “Rising prices have impacted the way likely voters view our current energy policy,” if you can call it a policy. By a 66 to 25 margin, likely voters say Pharaoh Obama should encourage more offshore oil and gas exploration. Half say they favor releasing oil from the Strategic Reserve.

Unfortunately, just over half the likely voters also say neither Democrats nor Republicans should be blamed for the high gasoline prices. Republicans are blamed by 22 percent; only 19 percent blame Democrats. Makes you wonder exactly who these guys polled. Just 42 percent say go ahead and drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska; 46 percent are opposed to that, and they’re idiots.

The last time gasoline prices were this high — during the Obama presidential campaign — Democrats suddenly professed to see the light, and pretended to loosen restrictions on drilling. Once in office, Pharaoh Obama (praise be his name) and his double-talking Democrats backpedaled. Then came the BP Gulf Oil spill; the rest, as they say, was history.

American oil in Alaska, off the coast of California, Florida, and elsewhere is off limits. Obama even ignored a federal court ruling to stop oil production after the BP incident. There’s only one party to blame for high gas prices — and for America’s continued energy dependency. They’re beholden to environmentalist wacko-fringe kook nuts, who hate oil – and every other source of energy that could be cheap, and plentiful. And they are the Democrats.

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