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RUSH: It’s amazing how the liberals distribute their talking points. Every liberal politician, every liberal journalist is reading from the same playbook. All together now: “The Peter King hearings on domestic terrorism will create a whole new generation of jihadists!” We’ve seen this, right? You saw it all weekend, all last week. “We better be careful! They’re going to really get ticked off at us, it’s gonna create more terrorists!” Just like Gitmo, just like going to Afghanistan or Iraq were gonna create a whooole new generation of terrorists. All right, how about this?

For those of you at the New York Times (and CBS, ABC, NBC, the Washington Post) using this same talking point that you can’t let go of: The Peter King hearings (Guantanamo Bay prison, Abu Ghraib, whatever) is going to lead to a whole new generation of jihadists, how about this: “Any criticism of the Tea Party will create a whole new generation of freedom lovers.” You keep ripping into the Tea Party and all you’re doing is creating more of ’em. Well, would you think of yourselves and your reporting that way? Then why are you thinking of the Peter King hearings? “Your criticism — your never-ending, irrational criticism — of Sarah Palin, it’s just gonna create more Sarah Palin Palins coming out of the woodwork.”

Would that stop you from your irrational, immature, inexplicable hatred and reporting of Sarah Palin? No, of course, not. You’re gonna keep telling us what a bunch of “tea baggers” the Tea Party is. You’re gonna tell us what a bunch of racist, sexist, bigot homophobes they are. You’re gonna keep telling us how stupid and how dangerous and how whiny and how immature and how everything else Sarah Palin is. But we’re not supposed to do the Peter King hearings; it might lead to more jihadists.

So everything these people do is aimed at shutting us up, is aimed at intimidating us — and the thing that really ticks me off is when it works against our people, like it apparently is working in the House leadership now. “You keep going on this and you’re gonna lead to government shutdown, and you’re gonna get blamed for it.” “Oh, we don’t want a government shutdown, and we certainly don’t want to get blamed for it!” I hate it. I hate it when they set the premise and we react to it. I just despise it. See, I don’t. I just refuse to. But living in Washington-New York apparently changes your attitude about that.


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