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RUSH: This is a Wolf Blitzer, last night on CNN’s The Situation Room, talking with Nicholas al-Kristof of the New York Times. They’re discussing al-Kristof’s column yesterday about why Moammar Khadafy is nuts. They want to know why. Wolf thinks here that Kristof needs another Pulitzer, that he’s brilliant. He wrote that Khadafy is ‘nuts,’ and Wolf wants know why.

BLITZER: He wrote a great column, uh, today. Your bottom line conclusion, almost your lede, is that Khadafy is, in your word, ‘nuts.’ Tell our viewers here in the United States and around the world — including some viewers who are probably watching in Libya — why you think Khadafy is ‘nuts.’

RUSH: Okay. So there’s the setup. Wolf Blitzer, he’s ecstatic! He’s read the piece. Al-Kristof is a genius! He’s angling here, should be given another Pulitzer Prize. ‘Why is Khadafy nuts?’ Here’s the answer.

KRISTOF: He invited five prominent female international journalists in for interviews, and then — after those interviews — one by one invited them into his bedroom and, on the record propositioned, them — and, you know, that just to me underscored the degree to which he is, uhhh, delusional.

RUSH: So on that basis — on that basis, on THAT basis — Khadafy is nuts. He’s got these five international female journalists, he invites them each into his bedroom — ‘on the record’ — propositions them. That makes him nuts? That makes him Bill Clinton. It doesn’t make it nuts. Of all the things that Khadafy is doing, this makes him nuts? Bill Clinton wouldn’t even mess with the proposition. ‘Hey, babe! Hey, hey, follow me! You might want to put some ice on that lip.’

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