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RUSH: I had this story yesterday, and I purposely waited all day today to add to it — and I have to tell you, I haven’t seen it anywhere. Well, it may have been reported, but I’m telling you a big deal is not being made of this. ‘Police made a disturbing discovery today outside the Wisconsin state Capitol Building — dozens of rounds of live ammunition. The building has been the scene of angry protests by thousands of people over Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to curb the collective bargaining rights of state workers. Deputies found eleven rounds at one entrance to the building, 29 rounds at another, and a single bullet was discovered at a third entrance.

‘University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Chief Susan Riseling says all of the bullets were hollow points — one of the most deadly kinds of ammunition. It’s not known who left them behind.’ Now, imagine if this story were the same with one difference: The ammo was found on the site of a Tea Party rally. Now, let me speculate. Let’s imagine that this cache of ammo was found at a Tea Party rally. Obama would immediately give a speech. The speech would make Clinton’s Oklahoma City smears look like high praise. Talk radio would be condemned; the Unfairness Doctrine would be imposed. There would be so much pressure, a majority of Republicans would favor the move. Tea Party rallies would be identified as ‘clear and present dangers.’

There’d be an ammunition tax passed. Can you imagine the havoc if ammo like this was found at the site of a Tea Party rally? And yet…where are the media? The media hates guns. The media hates ammunition. Where are they? Where is this story? Who the hell has been occupying the building? Who’s been raising hell at the building? Who’s been trying to foment violence and who knows what? Who’s been doing all the baiting? Who’s wearing the provocative signs? Who’s shouting the provocative words? The union types, the Democrats, their allies, and all of a sudden: ‘A disturbing discovery — dozens of rounds of live ammo.’


‘Ho-hum. Nothing here. There’s nothing to see here. We found it. Everything’s cool. Everything’s safe.’

But if this were a Tea Party rally? Ho-ho-ho-ho!

‘A final group of 50 protesters sang ‘Solidarity Forever’ as they left the State Capitol under a judge’s order last night. Five stragglers were the last to leave around 10 o’clock — and a two-week occupation of the statehouse by opponents of the governor’s proposed restrictions on public unions ended peacefully. Dane County Circuit Judge John Albert ordered that by Monday, the Capitol return to its previous policy of free-and-open access whenever state business is being conducted.’ I don’t know if you’ve seen it, the capitol building in Wisconsin, Madison, is one of the most beautiful in the nation, and there’s now $7.5 million in damage and 41 rounds of ammunition found in this new era of ‘civility’ ushered in by our dear president, Barack Obama. After all, these people are just our neighbors. They’re our friends. We really shouldn’t vilify them!

They might get mad and shoot.

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