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RUSH: Charles in Milwaukee, I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re up on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Well, thanks so much for taking my call, Dr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Doctor of Democracy, that is. I’m the guy who was born in Chicago, I’m a Bears fan, I just happen to live in Milwaukee.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, I remember.


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: We won the central division. Okay, what do you think —

RUSH: Yeah, how’s that working out for you, by the way, win the central division? It didn’t mean much.

CALLER: It didn’t. We’ll get ’em next year.

RUSH: Yeah. I’m saying the same thing myself.

CALLER: That would be great, the Bears versus Steelers.

RUSH: That’s right, Bears versus Steelers. Nah, that would be a dull game.

CALLER: What? That would be a defensive… okay.

RUSH: It would just be a dull game.

CALLER: Okay, well, first of all I need to tell you I was born in ’76, so there’s a lot of things that I missed out on, but the reason I bring that up is I really wish I was old enough to appreciate Ronaldus Magnus when he was in office.

RUSH: Yeah, you know, I’ve said that about a lot of people myself. I said I wish I’d been alive when so-and-so was alive.


RUSH: Yeah, I can understand that you wish you were older and more aware when Reagan was alive.

CALLER: ‘Cause I remember seeing him on TV, but I was too young to know what he was or cared.

RUSH: But you do now, right?

CALLER: Yeah, oh, very much.

RUSH: Absolutely. By the way, you missed out on Jimmy Carter, too, but you’re getting a second chance here so, you know, things have a way of making themselves up to you.

CALLER: Someone told me that history doesn’t repeat itself, but they’re wrong.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I told your call screener, Mr. Snerdley —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — that I was gonna ask you what do you think Ronaldus Magnus would do in the situation with Khadafy?

RUSH: What would Reagan do with this current situation with Khadafy?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: He’d probably call up and say, ‘Look at the remaining members of your family who are still alive, Colonel.’ And Khadafy would offer some sort of bluster and so forth. I’m sure the Reagan administration would pass the word, if you harm one American — now you remember what we did to you because of your involvement in Lockerbie, Scotland — if you harm one American the rest of your family better flee because we’re coming. I can tell you one thing. Ronald Reagan would not be running around saying, ‘Gee, I’m not gonna do anything because the world might think I want his oil,’ because Reagan would not have shutdown domestic oil drilling. I appreciate the call, Charles. Thank you much.


RUSH: Mike in Houston, hello, sir. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Nice to have you here with us.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor. I, too, watched your program on The Haney Project, and was very impressed. I appreciate you very much.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Good getting to know you a little bit better.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you.

CALLER: I agree with almost everything you say, Rush. I just had lunch real close to Sheila Jackson Lee’s district, and I can tell you: You could do a complete show on Sheila Jackson Lee, and it would benefit the nation.

RUSH: Yeah, but I don’t really want to.

CALLER: I understand. I have said for a long time: God help the United States of America. Snerdley asked me to get right to the point. I’m a retired Air Force fighter pilot. I’m a retired airline pilot.

RUSH: What did you fly? What aircraft did you fly, both places?

CALLER: Well, I flew F-4s in the Air Force, and I flew 727/737s in the airline.

RUSH: What did you fly in the Air Force?

CALLER: I was a T-38 instructor and then flew the F-4.

RUSH: T-38.

CALLER: I was in Jimmy Carter’s Rapid Deployment Force.

RUSH: The F-4. Wasn’t that…? Wasn’t that the F-4…? Who was it was accused of stealing one of those things in the movie The Right stuff?

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: It wasn’t Yeager. It might have been.

CALLER: Well, listen, I want you to know. I can tell you now, but it used to be top secret. When we mission briefed during the Cold War, we had a nuke mission, and the threat in the air was eight-to-one against us.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: When Jimmy was disassembling the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: And I’m convinced one of these days the liberals will have us think that Jimmy Carter won the Cold War.

RUSH: Eight-to-one against us. (chuckles) Yeah, right, right, exactly.

CALLER: Right. Well, listen, I was gonna tell you: We had Air Force Squadron Officer School. It’ is a school for mid-level officers for management and that kind of thing, and we had a Ph.D. speak to us one time on ‘the Russian man,’ and it was very interesting. He came out and he said, ‘You guys all think you’re common sense, reasonable, rational people. But he said the Russian man doesn’t see you that way,’ and he said, ‘That actually helps us from a standpoint of national defense. We do not want our enemies to think that we are predictable and that we are pacifists. ‘ You know, it was Jimmy Carter’s predictability and passivity — that’s probably not a word, but anyway — his peacenik style that resulted in the hostage crisis.

RUSH: Well, we got the same stuff going on with Obama now. It’s the exactly the same stuff, whether it’s passivity or peacenik or whatever, he’s utterly predictable, and —

CALLER: Yes. Exactly right.

RUSH: — they know full well he’s not willing to project American power or defend the country that much. They know full well.

CALLER: I would predict, Rush, that we are very vulnerable right now for them to take aggressive action somewhere in the world because they know how this guy will react.

RUSH: You mean anybody, or the Russians?

CALLER: I mean, anybody. I mean anybody. You know, we don’t have the Russians now as a threat per se.

RUSH: Yeah, we do. We do. And we got the ChiComs.

CALLER: Well, I understand. But I’m just saying our enemies can take advantage of our predictable and weak response to everything. It’s ridiculous.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s important what you’re saying, Mike, because a lot of people today think that that world is done with, that the days of the enemy looking at us in a certain way and taking aggressive action or any action whatsoever, ‘Ah, those days are gone. Here in the days of the Internet that’s all diplomatically done. Those kinds of things aren’t going to happen. We’re not gonna have conventional warfare. That stuff isn’t gonna happen anymore,’ and people are just dead wrong. Most of the people we’re talking about, that’s all they have at their disposable is conventional-type war. They’ve been trying to get their hands on nukes and so forth — which, of course, we’re (heh-heh-heh) getting rid of ourselves under the Peace Prize winner, Mr. Obama.

So it’s a dangerous world. I’ve always said we’re a great nation at risk in a dangerous world and we’re being led by a bunch of happy-go-lucksters who think that their presence on the scene changes everybody else’s attitude about us. Love, devotion, respect. And, folks, I’m telling you: In their eyes we are the bad guys. The United States has been the problem in the world, and were it not for our belligerence and our imperialism and all of the other aggressive egregiousness this country has undertaken, the rest of the world wouldn’t hate us at all.

In fact, the rest of the world would be very, very stable. We’re the ones that keep stirring the pot. We’ve stirred the pot since our founding! That’s what the people who populate this regime believe, and so they think that their presence will simply send a signal: ‘Hey, those days of America raping you and stealing from you and invading your countries? Those days are over,’ and the people around the world that Mike here is talking about are just (rubbing hands) rubbing their hands together in glee and calculating the proper time to make their next move.

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