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RUSH: I have a public service, ladies and gentlemen. I think I need to warn all of you pundits out there who are calling for the violent overthrow of dictatorial leaders who are ignoring the will of the people, you better make it clear you’re talking about Khadafy, because if you don’t you’re gonna get an unwanted visit from the Secret Service. By the way, did not Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize? He did, but he won it in a way that I don’t think it’s ever been awarded before. He won the Nobel Peace Prize on the come, remember? It was his first year. He hadn’t done anything. He won the Nobel Peace Prize on the basis that peace was gonna break out simply ’cause he was elected and immaculated and serving as The Messiah in the Oval Office. I wonder if these Nobel prize guys are sitting there questioning this, or are they thinking of compounding the error and awarding it again? Given where the Nobel prize committee’s head is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s up for it again.

But no, I’m serious about this. He got the Nobel Peace Prize on the come. It was like a down payment. It was an investment in what they were sure was to follow. It was one of the most ridiculous awards — and that’s saying something — it was one of the most ridiculous awards of that prize and something that in the real world would forever discredit that award. I mean you give it to somebody that hasn’t done diddly-squat. In addition, you give it to a guy who got where he is by virtue of anti-peaceful stuff, agitating, organizing, and all of that. So here we’ve got the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the world is on fire.


RUSH: I was asking earlier in the program about Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize on the come, you know, given the fact the world is blowing up, the Middle East is on fire. None of this was supposed to happen. Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize before he had done anything. He got the Nobel Peace Prize, what, he was in office six months? You know, I forget when that thing’s announced. It’s given away in October, November. I think he got the Peace Prize a couple months after being immaculated, hadn’t done anything and they said, ‘No, we fully expect peace to break out. The arrival of Obama on the scene is great news so we’re gonna give this thing to him on the come.’ And it’s laughable. It’s an absolute joke. So last night on CNN, The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer is talking to The Forehead, Paul Begala, about the unrest in the Middle East and Obama, and Wolf Blitzer actually said…

BLITZER: Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. A lot of his critics didn’t think he deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize, but he’s got a shot now at showing the world he does deserve it by what he could be doing in the Middle East and North Africa. Is he on a track to winning the Nobel Peace Prize again, Paul? What do you think?

RUSH: Again? These guys are taking bets on whether Obama is gearing up to win the Nobel Peace Prize again? I mean you can arguably say that the world’s imploding because of Obama. The stabilizing force of the world has always been the United States of America, but nobody fears us. There’s no respect or fear of the United States, and he doesn’t project any abject respect and love for this country. These guys are speculating on whether he’s qualified to win a second one? Wolf, do you remember he got the first one on the come? Like the Nobel committee was actually making an investment in peace? It’s like they were buying stock in it. Obama was the company that was gonna invent it. And so far their lab experiments have bombed out. And so now we want to talk about whether he’s qualified to win it again? Does he have a chance? Oh, yeah, all this tumult, all this turmoil, Paul, what do you think? Does our beloved president have a chance to win the Nobel Peace Prize a second time? And this is what Begala said.

BEGALA: Look at what he’s doing. He’s pursuing on all fronts, first off, with a remarkable calm, he’s not freaking out and invading the wrong country like his predecessor did after 9/11. He’s using our military power, three warships. He’s got Admiral Mullen going throughout the Middle East meeting and talking with allies, just in case. The secretary of state has gone to meet with our allies in Europe. He’s had his UN ambassador push through aggressive sanctions. On all fronts this president is moving, and he’s moving with real steel, but not frankly the sort of panic that we saw from his predecessor. I’m serious. I think any fair-minded person would give him high marks.

RUSH: Oh, wow. Any fair-minded person, pursuing all fronts, didn’t invade the wrong country. Well, let me tell you, Wolf, Forehead, just know this. Obama’s competition for the second Nobel Peace Prize is gonna be tough. The number one competitor, Julian Assange. That’s gonna be a tough one for the committee to decide on. Either that or Khadafy. Maybe Mubarak.

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