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As the standoffs in Wisconsin and other states continue,we are no longer getting “civility” lectures from President Obama, or his stenographers in the State-Controlled Media.

Apparently, a month after Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others were shot in Arizona,it’s acceptable for the left to use Twitter to beg for sombody to assassinate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. It’s acceptable for a Wisconsin Democrat assemblyman to point to a Republican assemblywoman in herseat and yell, “You’re f-ing dead!”– and take three days to apologize. It’s also acceptable for an elected Massachusetts Democrat to tell union members to take to the streets and “get a little bloody.”

On left-wing cable news shows, there’s no footage of the protesters carrying signs comparing Walker to Hitler,and no one’s blaming left-wing media personalities for stoking uncivil behavior. There’s also no report from Homeland Security equating union members to terrorists– as opposed to what was reported about the Tea Party.

Likewise, there’s no mention of “disenfranchised voters”;elected Democrats fled because they don’t have the votes to prevail. In November, citizens went to the polls and made a choice to replace Democrats. The Democrats –supposedly the champions of voting rights –are now resorting to bullying and runningto deny voters in these states their right to prevail in elections.

Republicans in Wisconsin’s assembly have not resorted to lying,claiming protesters spit on them, or yelled epithets (as Democrats did when they passed Obamacare). The truthis a one-way street, and liberals avoid it like the plague.

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