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RUSH: Rich, White Plains, New York, great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, how are you?


CALLER: Rush, I heard something the other day I just could not believe. Donald Trump says he’s a three handicap.

RUSH: He’s about a five or six. I played golf with Trump. Here we go again!

CALLER: Really?
RUSH: Here we go again! It’s Captain Stir the Excrement Day! Where did you hear Trump’s a three, who told you that?

CALLER: He said it himself, and I think he’s tending to embellish because he’s thinking of running for president.

RUSH: Well, now, he might be a three at certain courses. Some people would be a three at Augusta. Others would be a five at Pine Valley. It just depends.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Look, I’m just gonna tell you: I have played golf with Trump. I’ve played golf with Trump. He shot a 69 at his course here in West Palm Beach.

CALLER: Who? Who shot the 69?

RUSH: Trump did.

CALLER: Wow. Really? And you were there?

RUSH: I saw it. I saw him hole-out from two green side bunkers.

CALLER: Okay. Okay, good verification.

RUSH: I tell you —

CALLER: I like to ‘trust but verify,’ Rush.

RUSH: Trust…? (laughing) I saw him hit a bunch of 300 yard drives. The guy’s got a swing speed of 110 miles an hour, I’m not kidding you. Look, I heard that, too. (laughing) The fun thing about playing with Trump is he’s constantly bragging about the course. ‘You ever seen a course like this? This is the greatest course in the world! I don’t care where you go, you’re not gonna find a better course than this,’ whack! It’s 300 yards down (laughing) and he keeps talking to you about it and telling you how you need to join and he’ll make you a deal. (laughing) You’d have a hard… Look, I’m not gonna…

I have gotten more hate mail over that Trump call earlier this week than anything. I got more hate mail over that than I got over Michelle and her short rib dinner. I kid you not. I am a sellout. I was accused of being a sellout because of what I said about Trump’s political donation to Rahm Emanuel. You would not believe it. What year is this? This is the 22nd year or… (interruption) Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be even worse I admitted I played golf with him. It’s the 22nd, 23rd year, folks, and I continue to be surprised by… Look at this, a guy calls out of the blue and he wants to talk about union busting? No! He wants to get me to agree that Trump’s fudging his handicap. (laughing) I love it.

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