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“Are you aware of any military contingency plans for a president who might not be your prototypical pro-America president? Are there contingency plans to deal with a president who may not believe that the US is the solution to the world’s problems?”

“Look, maybe I was wrong to question all of the media reports calling Michelle Obama a fashion trend-setter. I mean, have you seen some of the stunning outfits that Khadafy is wearing lately? Maybe she is having an impact.”

“I don’t know why Trump just don’t buy Iowa and make them vote the way he wants.”

“David Gergen said that if women had more positions in power, there would be a less contentious world, a more peaceful place. Frankly, I’ve never understood that, just by virtue of real-world experience.”

“We’ve all seen media bias and we’ve all seen media cheerleading, but I have seldom seen the media so eager to prostate itself in order to portray somebody in a light that they don’t deserve, like they do with Obama.”

“To some of these libs, to go south of the Mason-Dixon Line… that’s like volunteering to go to Vietnam.”

“Nobody in this country gets paid on the basis of somebody’s ability to pay them; they get paid on the basis of their value and their worth and what somebody wants to pay them. And if that isn’t good enough for you, go do something else.”

“If the administration’s reason for going into Libya is because Khadafy is mistreating his people, well, they’re mistreating their people in Darfur, but we’re not there. They’re mistreating their people in Zimbabwe, but we’re not there. Same thing in North Korea, but we’re not there.”

“Liberals’ taste for war is in inverse proportion to American interests, pure and simple.”

“Is Liquid Dawn the name of Obama’s operation in Libya? Oh, it’s Odyssey Dawn. I thought it was Liquid Dawn. I thought it was named for the dishwater detergent. Whatever, it fails.”

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