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RUSH: Earlier when he presented his budget, President Obama said what? He said, ‘We must start living within our means.’ (interruption) Well, you can groan all you want, but that’s what he said. ‘We must start living within our means.’ If he were really and truly serious about living within our means, he would be cheering Governor Walker’s courage in Wisconsin. If Obama were serious about cutting the federal budget as he claims to be, if Barack Obama were serious about the need to put our fiscal house in order, he would be encouraging Governor Walker. He would be encouraging even more states and elected officials to do the same thing, but we know that he isn’t really serious about attacking the deficit. It’s all lip service. We know that when the Republican Party tries to cut the federal deficit, you can bet Obama’s Organizing for America will be manning the phone banks and busing the usual suspects to Washington to demonstrate against them when the time comes.


RUSH: Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, has just as big a mandate as Obama had. Walker was elected 52-46; Obama was elected 52-45. Scott Walker even told the voters what he was gonna do if he was elected. Obama didn’t. Obama didn’t tell us about any of this. No, he told us just the exact opposite was gonna happen. What’s all this demonstrating showing? What is it telling us? People around the country turn this stuff on and what do you think they see? I know what you’re afraid of. In the old days, ‘Oh, my God, look at those numbers! America’s totally against this Republican governor. The American people really don’t like this governor. Republicans are gonna take it on chin again, oh no!’

That’s probably what you’d have said some years ago. Well, let me calm your fears if you still think that way. What all of this demonstrating is showing is how destructive public sector unions, especially teachers unions are to the general population. That’s what all this is showing. This governor is not implementing a stealth agenda. Everybody that elected him (they voted for him by 52-46 majority) knows what he was going to do. They wanted it. People watching this can see how thuggish the union thugs and their supporters are, how thuggish Obama is, how anti-taxpayer and anti-public they actually are.

Now, these people (over half of them showing up just cause it’s something to do, by the way, to maybe get their sign and their face on TV) represent a really small percentage of the public, in terms of basic numbers. Yet their impact on the lives of citizens is huge in terms of how much money they drain from private citizens, how much control they have over our daily lives. They’re out of control, and this protest and others prove it. They’re proving what we’ve said about them for years. Now here comes Obama and his party, and they’re proving what we’ve said about them, too. They’re not about the public and the public’s best interests. They’re not about living within our means. They’re not about responsibility, with budgets and so forth.

No, no, no, no! This is all about taking care of their own, taking care of their campaign coffers.

The children be damned! Safety be damned! Budgets be damned! They’re a bunch of cowards. Why, these Democrat senators at this location they won’t even explain and tell everybody where they are. State troopers in Wisconsin have been ordered to go find one of them and bring ’em back. They are insisting that YOU pay for their way of life, that YOU pay for their health care, that YOU pay for their retirement, that YOU pay their pension. They are insisting that YOU pay their army of activists — and if you don’t, they punish you, if you even ask ’em to back off a bit and slow down a bit as you are facing your own economic difficulties.

Do they care? Nope! They’re demanding even more from you. They have no sympathy for you, for your plight or what have you. Never again can it be said that the National Education Association cares about children. Never again can it be said that the Democrat Party cares about the middle class. Never again can it be said the Democrat Party cares about ‘the little guy.’ Never again can it be said that the left and the Democrat Party are out to protect you, the average American, from the special interests, because you are watching the special interests on parade. You are watching the special interests demand even more from you. Many of you who are out of work, many of you who have to cut back economically, you are watching the special interests you’ve been told are out to harm you.

You are watching the special interests that matter to Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. A couple of news network have already interviewed the Wisconsin senate Democrats who are in hiding. The Democrat senators know they don’t have to worry that the media will tell Wisconsin authorities where they are. It just goes to show which side the media is on; everybody knows it anyway. But who is ‘the little guy’? The unions? That’s what the Democrats want to believe. ‘The working people of America.’ The unions, the teachers, averaging $89,000 a year in Wisconsin? The little guy? For a nine-month job. Who is ‘the little guy’?

I would submit to you ‘the little guy’ is the poor schlub taxpayer footing the bill and eating dirt sandwiches to pay these taxes so these people get to do what they’re doing, which is demand even more from people.

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