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“It’s up to Senator McCain to demonstrate leadership here, not browbeat people into following him out of fear or loathing for Hillary Clinton.”

“If you have an iPhone now, it’s easy to switch over to the new one, but your old iPhone is going to become deactivated. Well, you can reset it and give it to a family member or, you know, sell it on eBay or find your nearest homeless person.”

“A bunch of people today are advising McCain on how to come across as a conservative when he speaks at CPAC. You know, nobody advises me on, A, how to be conservative, B, how to sound conservative, or, C, how to convince people I’m conservative when I’m not.”

“Someone should ask Mrs. Clinton a question: ‘You’ve borrowed $5 million from yourself for your campaign. Do you appreciate the lower tax rates that you andyour husband are paying which havehelped you amass that $5 million?'”

“Some of you may be saying, ‘Why are you keeping up this McCain drumbeat, Rush?’ Well, for one thing, I care about the country and I care about conservatism. And I do care, strangely enough, about the Republican Party.”

“If we had more people who didn’t worry about what other people thought of them, we wouldn’t have Republicans in such a damn defensive posture all the time. Don’t worry about what people think of you!”

“White male democrats are conflicted as hell. The temptation to go with Obama will assuage them of their white guilt, but going with Hillary will show that they are genuine feminists. What are they to do?”

“Do I sound like I need cheering up here? I’m getting e-mails from friends: ‘You sound like you could use a little cheering up.’ And they’re sending me these stupid little Internet jokes, like an Internet joke would cheer me up.”

“The establishment of the Republican Party has let the Republican Party slide: You’ve used conservatives when you needed them. You’ve not led, you’ve not kept your promises, and now you’re promoting a candidate who’s spent years demeaning us.”

“I have a slogan for our possible Hillary fundraiser: ‘Keep Her in It So We Can Win It.’ Ha! How about that?”

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