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RUSH: ‘Law enforcement officials are looking for at least one Democratic senator to bring in for a quorum required for a fiscal measure, but River Hills Republican Senator Alberta Darling claimed to Newsradio 620 WTMJ that all the Democrats got on one bus and left the state.’ Somebody organized this. ‘[A]ll the Democrats got on one bus and left the state.’ All the Senate Democrats got on one bus and left the state to avoid the vote today. They probably went to bankrupt Illinois. Who knows? Who knows where they went? (chuckling) So there they are running away from it. Good. Absolutely fine. Way to go, Democrats. Keep it up! This is the exact kind of stuff we need people to see you do out in the open. Sabotage, poor losers, govern against the will of the voters. You go right ahead.

Who’s next? Kathy in Williamsville, New York. Hello, and welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush! You know, I want the average American to listen to me. I have my most beloved son, and he’s sitting over in Afghanistan right now while everybody else here is going about their daily business. And we have elected officials getting on a bus so they don’t have to cast a difficult vote. We have president who just submitted a budget that 42 cents on every dollar will be borrowed from a foreign country so that there’s nothing left if he does make it back for his children and his future. We had a congressman here in the 26th District who put his picture — topless, shirtless — on Craigslist. There’s all of this nonsense, and is this what my son is willing to die for? Is this what our sons are doing really difficult things to die for? We’ve gotta rise up. The average American who disengaged a long time ago because they were disgusted, we had better get off of our couches. We had better show up at these Tea Party rallies. We had better reengage. Because there will be nothing left.

RUSH: The second woman in two days who could fill the job of spokesman for the Republican National Committee!

CALLER: (garbled)

RUSH: Well said, Kathy. Trust me, don’t doubt me, your passion is shared equally by millions of Americans that you don’t know. You just had ’em sitting up out of their chairs and applauding. I’m glad you called.


RUSH: Jerry in Appleton, Wisconsin, this is where visiting NFL teams stay when they go in to play the Packers. Hello, sir, great to have you on the program.

CALLER: You bet. Excuse me, if you or I left our jobs like the senators did, what would happen to us?

RUSH: Ho-ho.

CALLER: We would get fired.

RUSH: Well, nothing would happen to me, but —

CALLER: No, I know, but I would. But most of us would. Now, I suggest that we fire every one of them or recall every one of them. They were voted and hired to work for us, and they’re leaving and they’re not working for us.

RUSH: I know. By the way, folks, it’s not incorrect to say they work for us, that we hire them, but we do elect them. They’re independent thinkers and so forth, but they walk off the job this way, they refuse to do the job in the midst of what’s being called a pro-democracy movement they are sabotaging democracy, they are running away from democracy. They’re running away from a vote they know that they’re going to lose. Texas Democrats did this. It might have been a budget dispute as well. But they ran away and they went to a different state. They were caught. They sent the state troopers after ’em in Texas. And last I looked I don’t think the Democrats have reclaimed power in that state since that happened. It’s a great point. What happens if you walk off your job at a crucial moment like this? What happens? Nothing good, that’s for sure. I’m glad you called, Jerry, appreciate it very much.

I mean it’s a moot point. Why not send the National Guard in to replace the Democrat senators? I mean that’s what the National Guard’s for. The media is trying to tell everybody the National Guard was called out by Governor Walker here to beat the heads of the protesters. That’s what they’re saying. (imitating media) ‘In case things got outta hand the National Guard is there to beat the protesters upside the head.’ No way. They are there to make sure that jobs and everything functions normally if the protests interrupt the normal progression of events. That’s why they’re there. So let ’em go in and vote. It’s a moot point, I know, just an illustration.


RUSH: I stand corrected. It’s not the little yellow bus. I always thought it was the little yellow bus. It’s the short bus. The Democrat senators from Wisconsin piled into a short bus and were driven away from the state Capitol in Wisconsin in a cowardly act of refusing to vote on the governor’s budget. The protests there continue.

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