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CBS News says the best way to understand Obama’s speech to the Chamber of Commerceis to “think of the president as an aggrieved parent”and think of “the business community as the teenager who’s sick and tired of the rules of the house.”

In the speech, Obama declared “not every regulation is bad” or burdensome, citing political battles over seatbelt and child labor laws, and the creation of the FDA. CBS says Obama, in the role of the parent, is saying to the child: “You’ve told me before that I was ruining your life by not letting you stay out all night with your friends. But I think we both know I made the right decision.”

Obama told the Chamber he’s “sensitive” to concerns that over-regulation is killing jobs and growth,which CBS claims is like a “sympathetic parent” acknowledging the challenges kids face in high school.

Obviously, Obama’s overtures to the business sector are attempts to position him as a centrist in 2012. The fact is, for two years Obama governed as the most anti-business president in our history. He has demonstrated that his knowledge of business is as minisculeas his hostility to business and capitalism is gigantic.

But this idiotic parent-child analogy is what passes for news and analysis from the once-great Tiffany network. William Paley, CBS founder and a businessman himself, has to berolling over in his grave.

But here’s another analogy:Think of CBS News as the Titanic; think of me as theiceberg. Heh-heh-heh.

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