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Last Saturday, a six-hour legislative hearing in Nevada turned into a liberal whine-fest. Teachers’ unions, students, so-called progressive activists, and public employees showed up to protest budget cuts planned by Republican Governor Brian Sandoval.

A 72-year-old citizen was jeered and ridiculed just for saying that he thought increased school spending would not guarantee better student performance. That provesonce again that “civility” is a one-way street; intolerant liberals always refuse to extend it to anyone with opposing views.

The teachers and professors complained of being “disillusioned” by threats of salary and job cuts, apparently not caring that the rest of Nevada suffers double-digit unemployment, record bankruptcies, and home foreclosures. The students –who pay no taxes, but feel entitled to everything — complained that schools will get worse. And, of course, there were sob stories galore and tears from liberals complaining their lives will be intatters if taxpayers don’t pony up more money.

America is broke. Like many states, Nevada is broke. Budgets will have to be cut; spending will have to be prioritized. Those are facts. The biggest obstacle to getting our financial house in order isgreed — liberal greed. These people believe that they’re entitled to spend what isn’t theirs,and they’ll kick and they’llcry they’lland scream like the spoiled rotten selfish greedy brats that they are, while responsible adults try to save their country, save their states, and their miserable behinds.

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