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RUSH: This may be the understatement of the century. Last night Sheila Jackson Lee was on Follow the Money, that’s Eric Bolling’s show on the Fox Business Network, and he said to her, ‘Every time I have you on I have people from Texas –‘ her district is in Houston. ‘Every time I have you on I have people from Texas e-mailing me saying, ‘By the way, in her district alone there are medical centers, hospitals closing since the Obamacare law has been passed. They’re saying it doesn’t seem to be working for them.” Now, he’s asking her about her constituents, and in the understatement of the century, she replies…

LEE: I love my constituency, but they’re obviously ill-informed, and they need to show me the —

RUSH: Whoa. Stop the tape and recue it. They’re obviously ill-informed, they elect her. Here’s the rest of it, well, in toto.

LEE: I love my constituency, but they’re obviously ill-informed, and they need to show me the facilities that are closing, because we have the opportunity to expand community health centers.

BOLLING: If you constituents are ill-informed, isn’t it your job to inform them?

LEE: I have informed them, they’re not closing and I look forward to hearing from them, because they’re not closing.

RUSH: If you live in her district you’ve gotta be satisfied, right, pleased as you can be?

RUSH: I loved at the State of the Union he got caught tightening his tie twice, the tie knot, very, very nervous. It’s like I said yesterday, I really believe, I hadn’t seen a video shot of Biden from behind until the State of the Union, you know they always have that camera behind there, and I am convinced his head is rejecting the hair plugs. ‘Cause I can swear there used to be a lot more hair there on the top and in the back, but I’m sure finally after all these years there’s a bunch of rejection going on, and he needs to take steps to fix that. Now, the media’s obsessed with Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and how inept or incompetent they are. Yesterday in Mt. Comfort, Indiana, at a plant called Ener1, that’s E-n-e-r 1, Ener1, Vice President Joe Biden introduced State Senator Beverly Gard. Yes, State Senator Beverly Gard, a woman.

BIDEN: Senator Gard is here, I want to recognize him. I was told he was here.

RUSH: I wonder if she stood up? (laughing) ‘Yeah, I am here.’ And then, he wasn’t finished. The name of the company is Ener1, E-n-e-r 1. This goes by in four seconds. You gotta listen fast.

BIDEN: Enron1 leading the way, we’re certainly gonna come pretty close.

RUSH: Enron1 leading the way. It’s Ener1. So he introduced State Senator Beverly Gard as him, and called the company he was visiting, Ener1, Enron1.

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