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RUSH: Tony in Tampa, welcome to the program, sir. Nice to have you on Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Thanks a lot, Rush. Do you remember when Bush was running for president in 2000, the hated Republican George Bush, how he was gonna kill Social Security and throw the old folks out into the street, and he was gonna do whatever he could to privatize Social Security, and there would be no Social Security for the old folks. Well, my 85-year-old mother who ekes out a living on Social Security, every year that the hated Republican George Bush was president, she got a cost of living adjustment every year. And when he was president, the economy wasn’t in the tank like it is now. Now we got the man of the people, the Democrat, the great Barack Obama.

She didn’t get a cost of living adjustment in ’09, ’10, and she’s not getting one this year because he says there’s no inflation. Maybe there’s no inflation when you’re on a $200 million-a-day vacation, but down here on the streets there’s inflation. All you have to do is go into the supermarket, man, and inflation jumps right off the shelves at you. Just go into the department store, it reeks of inflation. Go put gas in your car, and gas prices are necessarily skyrocketing.

RUSH: Seldom have I heard such a lack of appreciation for a president as you have just exhibited on behalf of your mother. Do you not know that for the past two years Obama has given every Social Security recipient $250 to make up for the no COLA?

CALLER: No, he hasn’t, Rush. It was a one-time deal. That was it. That was in ’09. Nothing in 2010; nothing in 2011.

RUSH: Really?

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: I’m joking, big deal, 250 bucks.

CALLER: Exactly, exactly.

RUSH: Look, I agree with you. There is inflation. Have you seen the price of gasoline? Like you just said, you’re putting money in your car. I’m telling you, there is inflation all over the place and they’re not reporting it very high ’cause that wouldn’t be good economic news for the Obama reelection campaign. Good point. Republicans are always gonna do all the harm to Social Security recipients. Thanks for the call out there, Tony.

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