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RUSH: There’s one guy who gets this, Donald Trump. He’s been all over the place this week talking about China and our relationship with them. He went to CNN last night, talked to Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room. Blitzer said, ‘If you were in one of those meetings with president Hu Jintao, in a nutshell, what would you say to him?’

TRUMP: I wouldn’t be having fancy state dinners to a country, and he’s the primary representative, that’s done nothing but take advantage of United States. I find it amazing when I listen to some of the political leaders talking about we’re ‘making progress.’ They’re making $300 billion a year, probably more than that, each year — let’s call it ‘profit’ — off the United States, they’re manipulating their currency. Intellectual property rights and everything else are a joke over there. This is a country that is ripping off the United States like nobody other than OPEC has ever done before.

RUSH: He wasn’t finished.

TRUMP: These are not our friends. These are our enemies. These are not people that understand niceness. And the only thing you can do, Wolf, to get their attention, is to either, ‘We’re not gonna trade with you any further,’ or, in the alternative, ‘We’re gonna tax your products as they come into the United States.’

RUSH: And then he said: Yeah, he’s thinking about running for president.

TRUMP: I’m giving it very serious thought. I mean, it’s all jobs. I mean, we really have an effective rate of 18% unemployment, not 9.4%. And depending on the way you count the numbers, it could be more than that. We’ll see what happens with jobs. If something doesn’t happen with oil — gasoline now is selling for way over $3 a gallon. If something doesn’t happen with that, if something doesn’t happen with jobs, I very well may do it, Wolf, because this is not a respected country anymore. We’re a whipping post for the world.

BLITZER: And just to be precise: You’d run for the Republican presidential nomination; is that right?

TRUMP: I’m a Republican. I’d run as a Republican.

RUSH: Wolf, are you serious? You listened to Donald Trump say all this, and you have to ask him if he’d run as a Republican? I guess that’s… (interruption) Yeah. (chuckles) I’m sure that Wolf was hoping he’s part of the No Labels crowd. Somebody else asked Trump, ‘Well, would you have gone to the state dinner?’ Hell, no, I wouldn’t go to the state dinner! I’d have them get off the airplane, come to the White House, have a meeting. If they don’t go along with what we want, I’d send ’em McDonald’s and tell ’em get on the airplane.

Donald Trump.

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