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Rush’s Morning Update: The Divide
Original Airdate: November 23, 2010

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According to the Washington Post, the political divide is deepening. Increasingly, the Democrats own big cities on the east and left coasts and Republicansown everythingelse. Republicans scored big gains from districts that were “older, less diverse, and less educated than the nation as a whole,” says the Post. Democrats did well with minorities and “higher-educated whites.” But they lost the working-class white voter.

Curious language there. Translation: Republicans did well among dumb old white people. Democrats have elitist liberal whites, and they own minorities (in a manner of speaking). Their problem is that middle class whites are fleeing the party.

Now let’s look at the divide another way. Middle America feeds the world and exemplifies the can-do attitude that saved the world from tyranny. Their values made America the envy of nations. The large coastal cities, on the other hand, are broke. They have bloated governments, and immense welfare and union obligations are bankrupting their economies.

This divide is more than a political … it’s a cultural and values divide. On the one side are those who believe in a hard-work ethic and paying their own way, the merit based bunch. On the other side are those who embrace a welfare ethic. They believe government should distribute everything from health care to three meals a day and a snack for school kids.

Put another way: the divide is between those who insist on bankrupting the country for their utopian social dreams, and those of us that they demand pay for it.

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