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Rush’s Morning Update: Weakness
Original Airdate: December 8, 2010

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Well, folks, the Britsfinally detained that little twerp, Julian Assange, and are holding him without bail over sex charges (he’s a leaker who didn’t use a condom).But that news overshadowed the bigger news: the twerp’s website, WikiLeaks,revealed the whereabouts of critical national security sites here in America and abroad.

Among the leaked State Department information are the location of our undersea communications lines,where our combat mines are laid,where manufacturing materials and food suppliers are, andthey even released the location of an anti-snake venom factory. Locations of pipelines in China, Japan, and Britain,an import terminal in Egypt, and shipping lanes that we use have all been revealed –it’s a one-stop hit list for terrorists or rogue states like North Korea and Iran.

Now, in war, if a soldier were to reveal this kind of intelligence to enemies, he’d be stood up against a wall and shot for treason. But we live in a “kinder, gentler” age where concern over our global “image” often outweighs the Constitutional mandate to protect America from our enemies, foreign and domestic. While some businesses are cutting ties with WikiLeaks, others are lining up to help Assange do damage to our national security.

In an earlier time, Julian Assange and his co-conspirators would have already been “handled” by our intelligence agencies, but nowa bunch of anti-American, high-tech terrorist-sympathizers are spilling our secrets — while this administration dithers. If,God forbid,thousands more Americans have to pay the price for this weakness, there should be hell to pay.

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