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Rush’s Morning Update: Dimwits
Original Airdate: March 22, 2010

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Say, folks: You want a glimpse of our future, if liberals have their way? Look southward to the latest policy directive from Venezuelan Thug-in-Chief Hugo Chavez.

With blackouts spreading, and businesses forced to close during the week for lack of electricity, the dictator came up with a “solution.” Army troops– along with teams of community-activist volunteers — have been dispersed to homes and businesses nationwide to forcibly change light bulbs.

Incandescent lights are verboten; energy-efficient curly bulbs are approved. The government is “providing” the mandated bulbs– for “free.”

Of course, there’s nothing “free” about it. In a few short years, the people of Venezuela have seen entire sectors of their economy nationalized under this tyrant, their judicial system stacked with Hugo loyalists, private property taken,and opposition media shut down — not to mention outright murder of political opponents, in cases that somehow remain “unsolved.” Their once-proud energy sector is now in shambles due to neglect, corruption, and centralized government planning…so now in marches Hugo’s army, bestowing “free” light bulbs at the point of a gun.

But don’t call him a dictator! At least around Hollywood’s Sean Penn, who recently said that journalists who call his dear friend Hugo a dictator should, quote, go “to prison for these kinds of lies”; he said he hopes they get anal cancer!

Penn went on to declare that Chavez has won some of the “most transparent elections on the globe.” Dictator Chavez was grateful. He publicly thanked Sean Penn for the support.

Free light bulbs,and glaring dimwits. Somehow theygo together, don’t they?

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