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RUSH: And it’s time for our end of the year tradition. We always wrap the final show of the year with Silent Night from Mannheim Steamroller. I don’t want to talk over too much of it, but you’ve gotta hear this on the CD to hear it. It’s just lush and gorgeous. Your iPad picture, if it pixelates at 2X, get a better connection, it won’t happen. We’re working on the iPad version of the app. It will happen. Droid, BlackBerry as well, in time. It’s all coming. In the meantime, folks, it’s been another stupendous year here at the EIB Network, and it’s all because of you. And you continue to say all these nice things and send all these wonderful compliments, e-mail, your phone calls and so forth. But one thing that’s always been the case and hasn’t changed is whatever this program, whatever we here at EIB, me, the overrated staff, whatever we mean to you, it cannot possibly compare to what you have meant and do mean to all of us, my family as well. We’re blessed because of you. We cannot thank you enough. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we’ll see you the first week in January.

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