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RUSH: I’ve got a story here in the stack about this, folks, a little monologue going along with it that I’ve gotta find here on the basis of this. Hang on here with me, ’cause it’s somewhere in here. It’s not a big stack today. It’s about the Democrats — here it is. I have found the story. It’s classic. It’s by Tiffany Stanley at the New Republic. You know, after the 2002 midterms, Wellstone memorial and all that, exit polls were stunned to learn that values voters were the — and the Democrats were stunned, ‘Well, yeah, we gotta work on our appeal to the values voters,’ which lasted about two weeks.

Here’s the piece: ‘Things Fall Apart — How Democrats gave up on religious voters. When Barack Obama burst onto the national scene at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, he represented … the shining hope for the religious left. Here was a liberal politician who was not afraid of the language of faith, who just might reclaim territory that the Democratic Party had, willingly or not, ceded to Republicans. Red America did not own religion, Obama declared: ‘We worship an awesome God in the blue states.” He’s talking about himself. ‘Between 2004 and 2007, when Obama announced his candidacy for president, he became possibly the most prominent Democratic politician who was comfortable speaking about religion — a liberal who gave the impression that his religiosity was heartfelt, genuine, and important to his politics.’

Now, the point here is that, see, he gave the impression. With Democrats it’s always about making the impression, because it’s really not something that is — well, it’s not in their heart. Reverend Wright took religion away from Obama’s campaign, if I recall. People found out who Obama’s pastor was, Obama had to take religion and get outta there. Obama only talked about religion once during the campaign. That was on the eve of the South Carolina primaries. After that he never brought it up again. But here’s the point. This is a long piece. I don’t have time to read even a lot of excerpts to you, but you will understand the commentary here because the commentary I put together derives from reading the piece. It is instructive on so many things that Democrats do and think. And this is one of these pieces that proves to me that, particularly in matters of religion, liberals are from Mars and conservatives are from Venus. There’s nothing about this woman’s piece that makes any sense to me. It is sad in a way. The writer, Tiffany here, writing about the latest reason the Democrats are losers, describes how the Democrats have lost the religious voter since Obama’s ordination due to their lack of outreach to them.

It’s the same thing back during the 2002 midterms with the values voters. The Democrats, ‘Wow, you know, we’re not reaching out the right ways,’ so they have to go out and find George Lakoff (rhymes with), to tell them how to reach out, what words to use. And as always, the liberals and the Democrats think that they’re just using the wrong words. They think that we’re just not hearing what they’re saying, that we just don’t get it ’cause we’re a little thick in the head. So they just need to do some more summits, have some more forums, initiatives, and, of course, ask for more tax money to spend to reach us on matters of religion so that we would understand them. Meanwhile, while they think it’s a lack of outreach or possibly a problem with communication, it’s clearly obvious to all of us that we’re not listening to ’em because we’re seeing what they do. We don’t have to hear what they say. In fact, listening to what they say only confuses things.

Here’s what we see them do. Look, the left in the UK and Canada, same as the left here. We see them, as in this story from the UK: ‘Christmas Trees ‘Make Non-Christians Feel Excluded’.’ Okay, what do we do? Get rid of Christians and get rid of their trees. Well, I don’t know what kind of outreach you Democrats think is gonna help us overcome the way we see that, but it’s pretty obvious. We see the Democrat Party routinely, excitedly voting for and promoting the killing of babies, abortion. I don’t care what kinda outreach you come up with, there’s nothing that’s gonna be able to make us think that that’s not what it is. We see you trying to gut the military, marriages and churches, over to a homosexual political agenda. We have no problem with who loves who. Remember, we conservatives object to political things. We object to liberals, not individuals in this case, and so there’s obviously here an effort to give the military and marriage and church over to a leftist political agenda, which is hidden inside the gay political agenda. And not all gays are part of that. It’s not a blanket assumption.

We see the Democrats openly supporting a mosque at Ground Zero. We see Democrats repeatedly supporting efforts to get rid of any public display of Christmas or Easter in our communities and in schools. We see the Democrat Party and the left try to destroy things based on or rooted in God, like the Boy Scouts. We see religious people in this country mocked by the lead Democrat of the day, Obama, as bitter clingers. Now, all of this, I don’t know what kinda outreach, Tiffany, you Democrats think is gonna overcome these actions, because these actions speak louder than all of your words. At every turn we see Democrats racing to replace God with government. The Democrats want government to be God. We see Democrats replacing husbands and fathers with government. We see this. This has been going on since the sixties. Generally, conservative Christians believe in smaller government. We believe that government’s not the highest power. Government is fallible. The left doesn’t think that. Democrats don’t think that. Government is infallible. Their pope, their Vatican, is government.

Liberals know that government is fallible, but they have no higher power to turn to so all their faith is placed in government. And for all their faith to be placed in government there isn’t room for faith to be placed anywhere else. So as such, to the Democrats everything is some sort of sick political game. Nothing’s real, especially faith in God. The only thing that’s real is what Democrats can make us believe about them, and we have to be told, don’t believe what you see. No, no. Don’t believe what you see. You listen to what we’re telling you. We’re gonna be working on our outreach, and we’re gonna come up with better messaging, and we’re gonna show you why it’s dangerous for you to dissociate us from religion or God. But faith in God panics them. Faith in God angers them. They get irritated. They make fun of people who go to church, particularly in the south, and this is what liberals never have or never will understand.

Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, it’s real to people who believe it. Faith is real. It’s what sustains them. The Word of God to people is real, it means something, gives structure, comfort, security, orderliness, consolation, reassurance. It attempts to answer the questions or at least to provide faith that there are answers to questions that there really aren’t answers to on this earth. Democrats treat the Bible like the Constitution. It’s a set of rules and guidelines that are flexible. When you tell Catholics that it’s up to the church to change, to adapt to your latest fall from grace, I don’t care what kinda message you come up with, outreach or what have you, you’re never gonna be able to convince people that you have this same degree of faith and religious belief to the people you’re trying to reach. You only have to follow these rules and guidelines, as in the Constitution, when it suits you, but the Second Amendment? It may as well not be there ’cause it doesn’t make any sense, you don’t like it. You can’t rewrite the Bible, but you’re trying, just like you rewrite the Constitution with your judges.

This piece, ‘Things Fall Apart — How Democrats gave up on religious voters,’ how Democrats have problems with religion, and not one mention of Reverend Wright in this piece. That alone tells me that it’s just a game to them. The left, ‘Religious people don’t really understand that we love ’em and we believe what they do, so we gotta come up with a new message, make ’em think that we’re –‘ well that isn’t gonna cut it if your behavior is not similar or in line. So when you start saying, ‘Ah, you know what? Christmas trees, it just makes non-Christians lose self-esteem and you gotta get rid of the Christmas tree in order to spare people’s feelings.’ Don’t even try to come up with a message or outreach, ’cause nothing can overcome that.

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