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Rush’s Morning Update: Poets
December 21, 2010

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Apparently, folks, Democrats are now beyond desperate. The latest fundraising idea from the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is selling something called a “poetry magnet,” containing a bunch of words you can arrange on your refrigerator.

According to the DSCC website, it’s “a creative outlet for your frustration.” You can get one for six bucks, or,for you big-spending liberals,two poetry magnets for ten dollars. The DSCC says that every magnet purchased will go toward helping keep the Senate “blue”; they say, “think of all the fun phrases you can make with words like ‘Sarah Palin,’ ‘Tea Party,’ ‘Rush Limbaugh,’ and ‘Wrong.'”

Here are some of the “poetic possibilities” these numb-nuts suggest: “I Hate The Filibuster.” “Sarah Palin Equals Wrong.” “Fight The Right.” Do they really think, in this economy, people are going to pay good money to sit around spelling out worthless-drivel talking points on their refrigerator? They do!Witless liberals probably will plunk down money (probably someone else’s) to buy these lame magnets.

But the problem for Democrats isthe “magnetism” is gone. Obama’s been exposed. His once-great oratorical powers are now as empty as his suit. Democrat policies repel clear-thinking Americans; they divide us along racial, class, gender, and every other line. They don’t attract people…which is why voters stomped theDemocrats in November.

So you Democrats? Yougo ahead. Play with your magnets. Play with yourselves. And remember:Roses are red,Democrats are blue,American voters are fed up– with you!

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