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“While listening to the speech, every time Obama used the word ‘regime’, I thought, ‘Which one is he talking about? His or Khadafy’s?’ He-he-he-he!”

“Most presidents make the speech that Obama gave last night on Day One, but he was playing golf on Day One. Then he was in Rio vacationing. He only came out of hiding when he thought it was safe.”

“It won’t matter who replaces Khadafy; it could be the Muslim Brotherhood, it could be Osama Bin Laden. By that time, whoever takes over Libya can go back to being blamed on Bush. I’m serious!”

“Story: ‘Hugo Chavez urged Venezuelans on Sunday to cut their calorie intake to avoid obesity.’ You know, Hugo, you better stop and think about something, bud. You are becoming almost as controlling as Moochelle Obama.”

“The Washington Times has a great editorial: ‘Being a leader is about more than reading off a teleprompter.’ Well, as far as Obama is concerned, reading off a teleprompter is who he is.”

“Obama did not go to Congress regarding this Libya operation on purpose. He went to the UN. He side-stepped Congress. This is Obama seeking his dream, to not be held prisoner by the boundaries of this country. He’s a citizen of the world.”

“Mrs. Clinton said, ‘We cannot impose our will on the people of Libya.’ The people of Wisconsin and Arizona are a different, but we’re not going to impose our will on the people of Libya.”

“We conservatives do things by the rules. We persuade hearts and minds and then we go have an election and then we win. But the left never loses. They’ll thwart the democratic process at all costs.”

“You have no idea how desirous the American media is to be able to portray Obama as a kick-butt military leader. You can’t understand the desire they have to portray Obama as one of the most powerful and decisive foreign policy presidents in the history of the country.”

“I get the impression that Donald Trump doesn’t like paying for much.”

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