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RUSH: TIME Magazine, ladies and gentlemen, has found Julian Assange. Nobody knows where he is, but TIME Magazine has found him. TIME Magazine managing editor Richard Stengel reviewed the ‘IkiLeaks’ founder via Skype. And one of the things that Assange said is that he things that Secretary of State Clinton should step down. ‘If it can be shown that she was responsible for ordering US diplomatic figures to engage in espionage in the United Nations.’ This is the story in the WikiLeaks dump that Hillary ordered State Department people to spy and collect the goods on other people at the United Nations. In fact, we have audio. Let me search the roster, because we have audio of Assange actually saying this stuff. Let me go through the list here. (muttering) I think we do. It is. It’s number 17, audio sound bite 17. This is Julian Assange via Skype at an undisclosed location. TIME magazine knows where he is, we don’t. Richard Stengel was interviewing Assange. During a discussion of Hillary Clinton, he said this.

ASSANGE: She should resign, um, if it can be shown that she was responsible, uh, for ordering US diplomatic, uh, figures to engage in espionage in the United Nations in violation of the international covenants to which the US has signed up. Yeah. She should resign over that.

RUSH: You know, this guy had better hope that Hillary Clinton never becomes president, because if she does, he’s gonna spend the rest of his life sleeping with his eyes open. You know, you just don’t run around say this kind of stuff about the Clintons, especially a girlie man like Julian Assange. By the way, were you able to hear that? The audio, were you able to make it out? The guy’s not only a girlie man, he doesn’t even speak up. Here it is again. Audio sound bite number 17. (replaying of sound bite) You think it sounds like he’s speaking in a bathroom? It makes total sense to me that he would be speaking in a bathroom. Julian Assange (impression) ‘responsible for altering dress diplomatic figures who engage in espionage activities (muttering).’

I don’t know. I’m struggling, folks. I’m struggling to ward off this bad mood that I’m in and I’m losing it. Every time I end up discussing this guy, looking at this guy, listening to this guy, it’s an active-active endeavor here to not to descend here into a rotten mood. Let’s call this guy The Wiki Waif, and let’s just turn him and Hillary loose. Who do you think would win? I don’t think there’s any question about it. Now, Dick Morris was on Fox & Friends this morning. He said he had no doubt whatsoever that Hillary would have ordered such surveillance, spying activities on people at the United Nations. That’s what she did for Bill’s bimbos.

She had the 900 FBI files. It was Mrs. Clinton who was in charge of digging up the dirt on all of Bill’s bimbos. Morris is saying what’s so hard to figure out about this? Yeah, she’s probably ordering spying. The question is what did she want to learn? The question is why, as far as I’m concerned. Normally when we hear of an American official ordering spying activities on others, you would think, ‘Okay, we’re trying to protect ourselves against enemies.’ But is that what Mrs. Clinton’s doing? What’s she trying to learn here? I mean, does Hillary Clinton strike you as a person who really cares that we protect ourselves against people that we might consider to be our foreign enemies?

She doesn’t. I’m sorry, she doesn’t strike me as somebody that’s determined about that. Because Mrs. Clinton and Obama, they’re part of the group that thinks the United States is the problem in the world. So what could she possibly want to learn about these diplomats and so forth at the United Nations? You know what my guess is? It’s fundraising. I think she’s looking for information to blackmail people on to fund-raise for the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. There’s no question that she’s doing it for some reason other than the benefit of the country. This is about benefiting her. You know damn well I’m right about this. She’s looking for dirt on these guys so she can blackmail ’em and say, ‘Look, there’s a way you can keep this private and secret forever and that is to donate some money to my husband’s Library and Massage Parlor.’


RUSH: Louisville in Kentucky. Greg, great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, enjoy your show.

RUSH: Thank you very much Sid.

CALLER: Maybe if we all quit our jobs and go on unemployment the economy could really boom.

RUSH: (laughing) Well, that’s the thing I pointed out yesterday. Why work? If unemployment benefits grow the economy, what are we all doing here?

CALLER: Right. Well, I had a little different take on the WikiLeaks issue. I think that the WikiLeaks release actually is a benefit to the country as opposed to the government. It’s a benefit to the American people because it illustrates what conservatives know, that governments lie, governments are hypocritical. You know, we find out that our friends are bankrolling Al-Qaeda. We find out that Khadafy likes voluptuous Ukrainian nurses. You know, so, I think it’s actually a benefit, and I wish the Federal Reserve would have some so we can find out if they’re bailing out Ireland. That would be nice.

RUSH: Uh, now, I wasn’t prepared to get into detail about that today because right before the program started I got this big, long story without enough time to digest it, but there are a couple blogs that are asserting that we are going to bail out Europe. Via the IMF, that we are going to participate bailing out Ireland, bailing out some of these other EU countries.

CALLER: Exactly. I think the real danger with the Federal Reserve because they’re not required to reveal what they do.


CALLER: That’s why leaks could be beneficial. This kind of leak could be really beneficial to our democracy.

RUSH: Back in 2008, you’ll recall during the economic crisis it had been learned that the Fed had lent $2 trillion, but nobody knew to whom!

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: We still don’t know who got that money.

CALLER: So maybe we could get WikiLeaks on that case.

RUSH: (laughing) Well, I hear ya.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush.

RUSH: In fact, you make a great point. He makes a great, great point. One of the things that we did learn in the WikiLeaks document dump is that the Saudis and the Egyptians (and practically every other Middle Eastern Arab country) don’t hate the Israelis. That’s not number one in their list. It’s Iran. Number one on their list is getting rid of Iran. Obama goes over to talk to King Abdullah and King Abdullah doesn’t want to talk about the Palestinians. Obama is going on and on and on about how he’s gonna bring peace, and the king’s bored! The king is basically saying, ‘What are you gonna do about Iran?’ To which I would say, ‘We have given you arms! You’ve got $60 billion worth of armaments. What are you gonna do about Iran?’

But we learn through the WikiLeaks download (if you want to call it that) that American foreign policy as articulated by conservatives, is shared by our so-called allies. Now, it is the American right that’s all concerned about Iran, what to do about it. We learn in this WikiLeak dump that the Arab countries do not consider Israel their biggest problem by any stretch of the imagination. It’s Iran that they’re all worried about. We also learn they won’t dare say this in public. They won’t dare say it in public but in private… What is revealed about Hosni Mubarak and what he has said to American diplomats about the Middle Eastern situation?

He wouldn’t dare say one word in public that he is on record saying in private to our diplomats and that is, Israel’s not their big concern. Everybody knows Israel is not their big concern. The American left, however, think Israel’s the bogeyman. Israel’s the big problem. We on the right know that the problem in that region is Iran. I mean, Mubarak goes as far as saying that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. We get details in these WikiLeak dump of (I think it’s Mubarak or some other Middle Eastern Arab nation leader) pointing out how Iran smuggled weapons into the Hezbos during the Hezbollah-Israeli war, which we all knew was happening but the worldwide media was denying it and portraying it all as an Israeli problem.

But ambulances that were being driven in to various parts of Lebanon to ‘help the injured’ supposedly injured by Israeli rockets, were actually ferreting in missiles and weapons from Iran to the Hezbos! Our source for this is Middle Eastern Arab leaders. Now, they wouldn’t dare announce any of this in public, but what we’re learning from this dump is that the allies that we have in the Middle East are far more attuned with the American right in terms of the geopolitics of American foreign policy than the left. So in that sense, Greg here from Louisville is exactly right. It is beneficial.

One of the first things I said when these things came out and were revealed was, ‘More of this. This is the truth, ’cause people don’t like to their cables.’ You know, this is like reading People magazine for the diplomatic corps. Some of this stuff is fascinating reading, what these Middle Eastern guys are admitting about the role Iran is playing in the Hezbo war when our left and American media trying to blame it all on Israel. The Middle Eastern guys knew it wasn’t Israel. It was Iran. It was Iran behind all of it. Iran was giving the Hezbos the missiles, getting the missiles in there in ambulances, and those missiles are being launched at random — most of them in Israel missing their targets.

Of course, the Israelis were responding — and the Israelis, we’re learning, were hitting military targets but everybody’s saying they were civilian targets. The Middle Eastern leaders knew that everything that was being said in the national press, the worldwide press, was total lies. It was a total Iranian aggressive moment. The Hezbos and the Iranians were the bad guys. They all know it. They never say it in public. They wouldn’t dare say it in public. They might get shot. So in that sense it has been valuable and worthwhile, and there’s all kinds of stuff like that that’s being revealed. That’s why you’re not seeing a whole lot of people go bananas over this. Obama clearly is not acting upset about it because the perception is it hurts America, and you got enough diplomats saying, ‘This is very devastating to American foreign policy,’ which is the Obama idea. So in that sense he even likes it. There’s Eric Holder out there, this incompetent guy threatening to bring him up on charges. Big deal. We know that will never happen. Holder is still trying to secure a trial for the grand sheik mastermind of 9/11.

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