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Rush’s Morning Update: Water Works!
December 2, 2010

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On Monday, Fiji Water announced they were closing their operations in Fiji over a tax increase. The increase was written in such a way that it would affect only Fiji Water, and would have raised taxes by a third. After calling the increase “untenable,” the company owned by two California entrepreneurs laid off 400 workers and closed shop.

But by Wednesday, things changed. Dramatically. Fiji’s prime minister, who had attained power via a coup, summoned the California owners to a meeting. After sitting down with Commodore Frank Bainimarama, a statement was released, ostensibly from the Resnicks: “Fiji Water will reopen its bottling plant,” effective immediately. “Through our discussions, we have also agreed to comply with Fiji’s new water tax law.” That wasn’t all. “Fiji Water is committed to working with the Fijian government, and remains dedicated to helping the country’s economy and it’s people,” the statement said.

Afterward, Prime Minister What’s-His-Facetold a radio audience he had “excellent news from Fiji Water,” and wanted to thank them for reopening and “bringing back the workers.”

Nobody will say what took place in the meeting,but we can imagine a scene straight from The Godfather. With guns to their heads, the business owners are told thatthey will reopen,that they’llpay the higher taxes –and smile about it –or they’ll die.

It’s every elected Democrat’s wet dream –and don’t think if he could get away with it, Obama would not do the exact same thing. If you shut downFiji Water, there’s no company!

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