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RUSH: Speaking of oppressed women, I have a new tactic. You people might want to try this. Whenever I go to dinner with Republicans, which, when I go to dinner it generally is with Republicans, and invariably the subject of Sarah Palin comes up. And invariably with Republicans, not conservatives, Republicans, ‘I like her, I really do. In fact, I met her the other day. I just don’t think she’s presidential, do you?’

It used to be I’d get in an argument with them. But I figured it doesn’t make any sense because they’re really not gonna hear what I say. They already have their minds made up. I say, ‘You know, I totally agree with you, especially, I mean, can you imagine? I mean, my gosh, you give me Obama any day.’ And they kinda stop, and they look at me, they try to process what I just said. First it’s, ‘Ah, there’s old Rush making a joke.’ And then they cock their heads, ‘What did you say?’ I said, ‘Oh, I totally agree with you. Sarah Palin? There is no way, there’s simply no way, give me Obama, give me four more years of Obama any day.’ And some of them, it registers immediately, and others are still trying to figure it out.

I mean, even McCain, get this. McCain, somebody ought to call his daughter and make her listen to this. This is on State of the Union on Sunday morning, Candy Crowley talking to McCain, ‘I have to ask you about Sarah Palin. She’s got a new book out. You probably know her better than any politician who does. How do you read what’s going on here?’

MCCAIN: I read I think she’s keeping her options open and I think she should. I think she is an incredible force in the American political arena, she’s done —

CROWLEY: And a divisive force, would you agree?

MCCAIN: I think that anybody who has the visibility that Sarah has is obviously going to have some divisiveness. I remember that a guy named Ronald Reagan used to be viewed by some as divisive.

CROWLEY: So she’s sort of on — do you see her as a parallel —

MCCAIN: I think she’s doing a great job, no, I think she’s doing a great job, I think she’s motivated our base, I think she had a positive impact on the last election, and I’m proud of her.

RUSH: So I wonder what Meghan McCain thought when she heard her dad running around talking like this. Meghan McCain’s made a career out of going on obscure television shows and, after explaining to people who she is and then after people still not really knowing who she is after she tells ’em who she is, she then trashes Sarah Palin. No, I’m serious, try it, next time you’re with a bunch of Republicans, ‘Sarah Palin, I really like her, I just don’t see her as president.’ ‘Oh, yeah, no, no, give me four more years of Obama any day.’ So here’s McCain. This is what you get, she endorsed him, this is what you get, I mean, he’s not trashing her.

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