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Rush’s Morning Update: Grow Up?
November 30, 2010

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Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus told Americans who disagree with the new, intrusive TSA pat-downs to “grow up.” The column was headlined: “Don’t Touch My Junk? Grow up, America.”

Now, Ms. High-and-Mighty Marcus writes: “The uproar over the new procedures is overblown and immature.” Although she acknowledges the images from the new screening machines are “uncomfortably graphic,” she describes government agents patting down your genitalia as a “marginal invasion of privacy”,minor when compared to averting terrorist attacks. It’s “childish” to protest this stuff, she says.

Ms. Marcus also claims to know that the “loudest howls of outrage emanate from those who would be quickest to blame the Obama [regime]for not doing enough to protect us if a bomber did slip through.”

You see, for liberals,the right to “privacy” only exists when it comes to protecting abortionsor politically correct diseases. Americans concerned about being treated like common criminals for merely wanting to fly from one destination to another,or concerned about government agents hunching over toddlers, examining their privates? They’restupid, they’rechildish, they’re immature –as are those who fear images of their naked bodiessomehow getting leaked.

Our government,and liberal journalists like Ruth Marcus, apparently believe that “immature” Americans, rather than the terrorists who hate America, are more likely to blow up a plane. Liberals refuse to admit that those terrorists could be more readily identified by using profiles.

Really, Ms. Marcus. I mean, who is it here whoneeds to grow up?Do you even have any genitalia to touch?

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