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RUSH: All right, from TheHill.com: ‘Liberals furious with a White House they view as constantly telegraphing compromise with Republicans are pressuring President Obama to get tougher, arguing that is the only way he will win both progressives and independents in 2012.’ Now, let’s examine this. This is a popular sentiment out there on the part of the American left, that Obama just didn’t go left enough, he didn’t spend enough, he didn’t go far left enough. The brilliant political wizard Bill Maher happens to subscribe to this theory. So they say he didn’t go far left enough. Had he gone far left enough, the only way to win progressives and independents is to stop caving on the agenda and go pedal to the metal left.

Now, what did the independents do? The independents ran away from Obama. Now, I don’t care what degree you want to assign it, Obama moved left big time. Obama took this country in a direction that many of the people voting for him had no desire to go and had no idea that’s what they were voting for. Now, how the left can sit there and say the way to get the independents back is to go even further left is insane. But that’s what they’re telling themselves.

‘Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and an outspoken critic of the White House, said liberal anger has less to do with fears of a Clintonian move to the middle by Obama and more with a misreading of the election results by the administration. ‘It’s less ‘Oh no, they’re triangulating,’ and more ‘Boy, their political instincts are really stupid,” said Green. … The White House ‘fundamentally’ doesn’t get that ‘the only way to get Republicans to deal in good faith is to fight them, crush them and teach a lesson that if Republicans are on the wrong side of an issue there will be consequences … so it makes sense to negotiate,’ Green said.’

You know, you people on the left, you really are certifiable. I have said it repeatedly. If conservatives elected somebody who got as much of our agenda done in a year and a half as Obama got of your agenda, we would be happier than we’ve been in a long time. It is incomprehensible to us on the right that you people on the left are miserable, other than you always are. It’s a state of mind. But how you can be unhappy at the fundamental destruction of the country that you have sought for all these years? The US economy is in a shambles, you’ve got national health care just waiting to be implemented. You’ve got Obama skirting Congress to try to do cap and trade. You’ve got takeover of the automobile industry. You’ve got a manufacturing of crap cars.

Oh, by the way, did you see that Motor Trend magazine has named the Chevrolet Volt the car of the year? Folks, of all the cars, no offense, General Motors, please, but of all the cars in the world, the Chevrolet Volt is the car of the year? Motor Trend magazine, that’s the end of them. How in the world do they have any credibility? Not one has been sold. The Volt is the car of the year. Anyway, you leftists, you’ve got a US economy in shambles; you’ve got the union built up with all kinds of power; you’ve got redistribution of wealth going on in amounts and measures that you previously only dreamed of. And you’re mad at your guy ’cause he’s not doing enough sooner.

I hope people are taking note of this because it’s the best evidence yet that no matter what you give these people, they’re never happy and therefore compromising with them is senseless. It makes no sense anyway to compromise with these people. There’s nothing about what they believe in that we have anything in common with. There’s no reason to compromise with them, unless they’re the ones caving. ‘It’s also clear the White House is concerned about the migration of independent voters.’ Yeah, well, they ought to be concerned. The only reason they got the independent voters is because they lied to them, and that’s over. You can’t go back and repeat that lie. Nobody’s gonna believe it anymore. So the independents, it’s up to the Republicans to lose. That’s where the independents are. This is the great opportunity that we have. There is no way these blessed independents and moderates want anything of the like Obama has delivered. It’s not what they voted for. That’s a huge upper, by the way, for those of you wondering about where the mind-set of the country is.


RUSH: Jim in Miami, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos from Miami. I got some questions for you as one of your eternal students. First of all, one comment and a question. My first comment is, Obama’s people on the left, he’s gone so far left and all his left devotees are incensed that he’s being forced to compromise on some of his issues now. But he’s now in the same place the conservative, far conservative right was when they wanted all their issues met and had to be compromised. And I can remember you talking about it again and again. ‘You guys, if you’re not gonna get everything you can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater,’ you know? But what they’ve done here is he went so far left with Obamacare and everything else that even a compromise to him only puts him halfway back to center.

RUSH: What I don’t understand is, why the paranoia? Where is he compromising?

CALLER: Oh, no, I agree with you there, but that’s the whole point. I remember the far right conservatives were incensed about Bush not putting prayer in school and not slamming down abortion and everything else, but Obama went all the way out into left field here and got his Obamacare and a complete socialist agenda, and now, yeah, you’re right, where has he compromised, but he can’t tell them that, he can’t tell them I’m gonna compromise on this and that, and he also can’t tell them I’ve already gone —

RUSH: Wait. I may be misunderstanding you, but when you talk about Bush did compromise with the left. He gave ’em a new entitlement, Medicare Part B. He did give ’em No Child Left Behind. He did let Ted Kennedy write the education bill. He did compromise with them.

CALLER: Oh, I understand full well that —

RUSH: And there’s a reason why people are upset about that. That’s not what conservatism is. The left doesn’t compromise like that.

CALLER: No, but Obama’s not compromising to his base the way Bush compromised the conservative base, you know, the far right conservatives had to compromise a lot more than the far left have had to with Obama’s socialism agenda, if you will. That’s just an interesting parallel, but it used to be so far right when Bush was president. Now it appears everybody’s so far left because of Obama. I don’t see Obama compromising the way Bush had to. It’s not gonna happen.

RUSH: Right. So the point is?

CALLER: The point is that basically the same thing’s happening on the left right now. It’s not happening on the left the way it happened on the right. On the left they’re not compromising. Obama hasn’t given it back, and the people who — I guess my point is, he can’t tell them I’ve given you all this stuff. You can’t come right out and say all this stuff is so far left —

RUSH: He can. He certainly can. If I’m Obama and my left flank is complaining at me, I’d get right in their face, ‘What the hell are you unhappy about? You got health care. You got more redistribution. You got more poor people. I’m taking more from the rich. Wall Street’s scared to death. What the hell more do you want?’ That’s what I would say to them.

CALLER: You’re exactly right but he’s already — look what happened to him in the midterm elections because he’s pretty much conceded all those points. The midterm elections have destroyed his base. He’s basically finished. Nobody on the far left can even get what he’s done for them.

RUSH: No. No, no, no, no, no, no. His base was never that big. What he lost were the people he lied to. The people he lost were the independents, the moderates, the people who believed all these panaceas. His base didn’t abandon him and his base isn’t abandoning him now. If his base ever does abandon him, they’re not gonna come to us. They’re not gonna move our direction. But the dirty truth is Obama’s base is tiny when you get right down to it. His base is professors, whatever students, Hollywood and the media. That’s his base. And the Congressional Black Caucus. We’re being governed by a genuine minority made to look like a majority because they do control academia and the media. That’s why I said these people being upset with Obama, he hasn’t compromised on anything yet. And whatever they’re afraid he’s gonna compromise on, the tax cuts for the rich, by extending them, I look at ’em and laugh. This is my point. They can never be happy, no matter what they get. You can’t compromise with them. They’re genuinely lunatics. And they’re not smart to begin with. I mean it’s a double whammy for these people. They’re stupid and they’re lunatics. I wouldn’t wanna be them at all.

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