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RUSH: We’re gonna start with some football today, folks. I read something today I can’t stomach. They’ve had a quarterback change in Miami. The Miami Dolphins have decided they’re gonna sit Chad Henne as the starting quarterback and put in there Chad Pennington. So the coach, Tony Sparano, walks into the quarterbacks meeting to announce the change, and the two quarterbacks start crying! Here it is: ‘Shortly after coach Tony Sparano walked into the room to inform the group a change was needed, Henne and his mentor-turned-replacement Chad Pennington had a heart-to-heart that turned into a sob session.’ The quarterbacks of the Miami Dolphins are crying! I have never read or seen anything like this. Maybe this is what happens when you get two guys named Chad in the same room; I don’t know. We’re in Florida, we got another Chad controversy. First it was ballot boxes, now it’s the quarterbacks, and the two quarterbacks of the Dolphins are crying about it. (interruption) Well, I’m sure they hugged. ”It’s a situation that’s not fair. I’ve been benched before when it really wasn’t my fault. I understand every emotion he has,’ said Pennington, who learned he’d be taking over the Dolphins’ erratic offense during a 45-minute meeting with Sparano. ‘I understand everything he’s going through and he has every right to feel the emotions he has.” Well, let’s just have an encounter group session here. This is the National Football League, for crying out loud! The two quarterbacks are in a sob session when a change is announced.

And then the media won’t let go of the McNabb stuff. McNabb’s in Washington, we got two sound bites here, this morning Philadelphia, WTXF eyeball TV news, Good Day Live, cohost Shawnette Wilson is talking to some radio guy, and about Mike Shanahan, the coach of the Redskins. There’s a controversy there because supposedly McNabb doesn’t have the cardiovascular ability to run the two-minute offense. So now they’re trying to say Shanahan is a racist. I kid you not. They point out that Shanahan has never had a black quarterback in his history as coach. This is absurd. Listen to this.

BRADLEY: For years the reason that blacks were not playing quarterback in the NFL was they were perceived, they’re not smart enough to run the offense. Shanahan is dumb because you’re opening up this avenue that people can go down. At worst, he’s saying in a very somewhat thinly veiled way, my black quarterback isn’t smart enough to run the offense.

RUSH: He’s not saying that. He did not say that. This is what the media is interpreting. What Shanahan said, he said two different versions. He said he didn’t know the playbook, didn’t know the two-minute offense and he said the cardiovascular wasn’t there. And he brought in JaMarcus Russell, black quarterback, gave him a look and now the Philadelphia media is all over this. Now the head coach of the Redskins is a racist. And of course this story wouldn’t be complete without my name being thrown in the middle of it.

BRADLEY: The racial tone is there. The fact that Mike Shanahan hasn’t had an African-American quarterback even as a backup in 20 plus years lends some credibility to it. Another thing that’s interesting is Donovan McNabb has always been labeled as kind of the company man, he’s the anti-militant. But these types of issues seem to follow him around. You’ve got the Rush Limbaugh issue. Maybe if he just stepped up at some point and said, ‘Wait a minute, the way I’m being treated is disrespectful,’ maybe some of these coaches would realize there’s some backlash to doing some of this.

RUSH: Folks, when did this happen? Was it five or six years ago this all happened with the ESPN pregame show? And here they are in Philadelphia, McNabb doesn’t even play there anymore, he’s coming back — well, I think the Iggles go to Washington this weekend for the rematch. Just amazing.


RUSH: E-mail from my website subscribers…

Dear Rush:
Okay, that did it. No one was crying in the Dolphins locker room. Just because someone gets a little teary-eyed does not mean he’s not a man. I guess you prefer Big Ben as a sexual assailant as your model man, hmm? When you went through rehab, did you not shed a tear?

I did not.

I sure as hell did when I went through it. When Scott Brown won in Massachusetts, I got teary-eyed because there was hope for this country. I find it hard to go up to soldiers in the airport and thank them without feeling a little —

We’re talking quarterbacks, a football team. We’re not talking about soldiers coming back from Afghanistan. We’re not talking about going through rehab. We’re talking about a reporter who called it a sob session, not teary eyes. First it was pink cleats, pink towels, pink face masks, pink mouth guards, and now tears in the quarterback room. Back to the letter.

Sometimes when I talk to my daughters about the greatness of the country I get a little misty. There’s a difference between showing emotion and being a sissy. Back off the Dolphins, buddy.
Laughing out loud,
Ron from Olive Branch, Mississippi.

See what I mean? Everybody around me is just getting ticked off. I show up here happy as a clam every day. (interruption) Well, I was grumpy yesterday. I had a reason to be grumpy yesterday. I’m starting to get grumpy now.


RUSH: If anybody is gonna start crying in football, let me tell you who it ought to be, Jerry Jones who owns the Dallas Cowboys. If something’s worth crying about in football, it’s the Cowboys. You might throw Wade Phillips in there as somebody who ought to be crying. But, for crying out loud, crying that you get the quarterback gig for the Dolphins? Well, wait a minute, now, that might be something to cry about. Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.


RUSH: Indianapolis and John. Nice to have you, sir. You’re up first today on the phones on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, how are you, sir?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: I have a new name for Miami.

RUSH: What is it?

CALLER: The Minnows.

RUSH: (chuckles) Miami Minnows.

CALLER: I’m not kidding you. I mean, you know, I think that the NFL is going the way of NASCAR.

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa. What do you mean by that, ‘going the way of NASCAR’? Where’s NASCAR going?

CALLER: It’s boring. All these safety regulations, all this stuff that they got going on. They’re putting everybody out there in bubble wrap. People want to see like the Roman Coliseum. They want to see blood sport. I mean if these guys gonna be making this kind of money contractually… I mean, if you think about it, think about it. These guys are signing contracts which equate to three generations of my family and they can’t take a hit; they can’t drive their car. They — they cry! I mean how — how just weakified is that? This makes me sick. I mean, can you imagine the Steel Curtain standing across from me wearing pink?


CALLER: Can you?

RUSH: No, I literally can’t.

CALLER: And here’s the irony: Can you imagine a toothless Jack Lambert standing across you as a quarterback wearing pink shoes?

RUSH: Jack Lambert would retire before wearing pink cleats.

CALLER: Well, I’ll tell you what. As a sports enthusiast, I’m 43 years old, and every time it’s just like I’m watching the Golf Channel. I know you’re a big golf guy but when I watch sports on Sunday, it just puts me to sleep. I mean, these guys are just walking around in bubble wrap. You can’t hit ’em, you can’t touch ’em. What’s next, flag football, NFL?

RUSH: Well, I’ve tried to warn people. I can read the tea leaves. I know where this is all headed. Political correctness. I see these polls, 80% of the people opposed to political correctness, and yet it wins. Political correctness is practically undefeated, and yet supposedly everybody’s opposed to it, and yet it just keeps winning the day. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen in our lifetimes, but the National Football League is not gonna be. I mean it’s not today what it was in the sixties. It’s not today what it was in the seventies. You can just see the whole culture here is just being chickified. It just is. It’s what’s happening everywhere. It’s a slow creep, slow creep. But it’s going to keep happening. Every time there’s something that people don’t want to see, ‘That makes me nervous to see,’ it’ll be legislated out.

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