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RUSH: An interesting e-mail: ‘Rush, when you say winners don’t compromise, how do you mean that? I mean I know it’s not right to compromise your principles of individual freedom or the principles of the Constitution. Is it okay to compromise so that that doesn’t happen?’ What I mean when I say that winners don’t compromise is, in the context here, we just won the election, and we ran on issues. We don’t compromise with losers. Liberals don’t like our issues, so we don’t give up some of them just to show we’re nice guys. They are the ones that got beat. The losers compromise. If they want to have any participation in the future governance of the country, they compromise. It’s also been said, there’s another definition of compromise, where both sides get most of what they want.

Now, in a financial circumstance I can understand that. You want to come up with a compromise in a financial negotiation where everybody gets most of what they want, realizing not everybody can get exactly what they want, although, in certain financial situations, somebody’s going to get exactly what they want. It’s a game. When you start negotiating, you submit a list of demands, and you always pad the list of demands with what are called throwaways, things that you are willing to give up, you really don’t care that much about, but they show that you are willing to negotiate, to give, to compromise.

So, yeah, I mean in the whole game process, you have some throwaways in there when you’re negotiating an employment contract. What you really want at the end of the deal is the money that you’re asking for so you throw in a bunch of perks that you really don’t expect to get but that you can say, ‘Okay, I’ll come down off that.’ But when it comes to core principle, like we’re talking about here with politics, saving the country, moving forward, no compromise on that. There’s no half freedom. There’s no half tyranny. It’s like I said yesterday, where’s the compromise between food and poison? Where’s the compromise between good and evil? Now, some people revolt, ‘What do you mean, good and evil? Are you saying Democrats are evil?’ The direction they’re taking the country is not good. Whether they’re evil individual people or not I don’t know, but liberalism’s evil. What about liberalism do you want? Because I’ll tell you, here’s the thing about them: Whatever they get is never enough. Never. It’s never enough. They are never placated, never satisfied.

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