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Rush’s Morning Update: Magnitude
November 5, 2010

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Well, it may take a while before the final totals are in, but Republicans could end up with a 65-seat pickup in the House. Three Democrat House committee chairmen lost: Ike Skelton of Missouri, who chaired armed services,South Carolina’s John Spratt, who ran budget,and Jim Oberstar of Minnesota, who chaired transportation. As The Washington Times headlined: “Democrats lose centuries of seniority in House.”

Republicans picked up five House seats each in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They added four more in Florida, three in Illinois. And race-conscious liberals, take note:Two black Republicans are going to Congress –Allen West of Florida and Tim Scott of South Carolina. New Mexico has a Republican Hispanic female governor. And the Marco Rubio win in Florida has Democrats quaking in their boots.

Republicans held all oftheir Senate seats, and they picked up at least six more. And 2012 will be an even greater challenge for Democrats, who will have to defend 21 Senate seats, compared to 10 for theRepublicans.

Republicanshold at least 29 governorships now,taking 11 from Democrats. They control 25 state legislatures — that’stheir best showing since 1928,and it comes right in time for redistricting. As the dust settles, the magnitude of Democrat destruction is becoming clearer: it ismassive. Some 680 Democrat state representatives and senators lost their seats nationwide. A staffer at the Cook Political Report posted: “It may take years to comprehend the full devastation. Entire generations of Dems vanished overnight.:

Thank you, President Obama. Thank you, Dingy Harry. Thank you, and goodbye,Nancy Pelosi.

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