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RUSH: I just saw an e-mail in the subscriber inbox of the 24/7 account: ‘Rush, it’s getting boring, it’s getting boring. Could you start telling us what to do to stay in good cheer?’ Let me tell you what’s going on out here. The ruling elite, which includes the news media and even some GOP RINOs, even though they’re not in the ruling elite, but they wanna be, I mean they wanna be treated well by the ruling elite, they’re not really in it. What’s going on here, folks, is very simple. They want to establish a lie very firmly in the minds of the public that the Tea Party hurt the Republican Party in these elections. They want to use this to stop Sarah Palin. We had the story all last week, Republicans, the insiders trying to figure out now how to stop Sarah Palin. I have to tell you, I’m not gonna mention any names. I got a bunch of e-mails from some of these so-called insiders, ‘Hey, Rush, it’s not me, it’s not me, they got me wrong. I’m not doing that.’ A bunch of the people named as trying to stop Sarah Palin sent me a note, ‘It’s not me, don’t blame me.’ Well, fine, I don’t care who it is, we know it’s happening.

The objective here is to blame the Tea Party as being a detriment in these elections, after a record pickup of seats. And in typical fashion what they’re doing is turning reality on its head. If anybody is an obvious winner here, aside, of course, from me, it would be Palin. Look at the grief and the mockery that she got for putting what the media claimed were targets in 20 Democrat incumbents on her website. Look at the grief that she’s got ever since she was named McCain’s running mate. Eighteen of those Democrats she targeted lost. That’s a pretty amazing and impressive record. Sarah Palin targeted a bunch of Democrats for defeat, and 18 of them lost. That’s more than any Republican elites are doing. We didn’t have any on the ground money in Nevada, you know why? We gave it to Charlie Crist. We didn’t have any on the ground money in Nevada because we gave it to Carly Fiorina. That’s where a lot of the so-called money ground game money went, we didn’t have any.

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