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RUSH: In an ideal world, yeah, you get rid of the education department, and a bunch of other government institutions, and then you shut down Fannie and Freddie. But you have to temper all this with realism. That’s an idealistic thing to do. Reagan wanted to close down the Department of Education, for example, a lot of resistance to it. You look at the debt ceiling. This is a trick, by the way. Every little commie SOB on liberal cable networks is asking every Republican guest, ‘What about the debt ceiling? What about the debt ceiling? Are you gonna raise the debt ceiling next week? Gonna raise the debt ceiling?’ We’re gonna run out of money. We’re reaching a debt limit, and of course they want guys like Cantor and Pence, whoever the guests are to come on television, ‘Oh, yeah, we gotta raise the debt ceiling to keep the government going.’ Well, then, if you say that we gotta raise the debt ceiling, how can you possibly talk about cutting the deficit? How can you possibly talk about reducing the size of government? Why don’t you just let the debt ceiling not be raised?

Nobody is Draconian here. But all of this is a trap. We have run out of room under current statutory authority to increase the debt anyway. We have run outta room to increase the debt. So now what they’re doing is monitorizing the debt, meaning that the money is monopoly money. We’re now gonna print money to buy securities. We statutorily raised the debt limit. You can raise the debt ceiling all you want, but it’s all a game. We’re printing money, inflate the currency, made to look like we have a lot of money when we don’t have any. But I know what you’re asking. Rather than raise the debt ceiling, why don’t we cut some things? Yep. Make the proposition now. Make the proposal now. It will be real, real, real, real interesting to see how people would react to, okay, cut the education department.

It’s gonna be really tough, folks. There have been decades and decades of people ingrained with the notion that the Department of Education equals magic and compassion. You make a move to eliminate or even cut the Department of Education, then you’re gonna have to be able to answer the charge, ‘Oh, so you want people to be stupid? Oh, so you’re against educating? You must be a racist and sexist. You must want to deny the poor their chance to be educated.: That’s what you would be hit with. And so you gotta have an answer to that if you’re gonna make that proposal.


RUSH: Let me tell you another reason why this debt ceiling thing is a trap, and the Republicans are not dealing with it correctly as libs ask about it on TV. Just as the Democrats did not pass a budget because they did not want what their budget was to be an item for debate in the campaign. They played some tricks. We haven’t raised the debt ceiling. They left that for after the election so that it would fall on the Republicans to do. We’re way past the debt limit anyway. It’s all academic. But they set it up so that they would not have to raise the debt limit during the campaign. Now it’s ‘the Republicans want to do it!’ and they want to force the Republicans into doing it to appear contradictory in their own philosophy.

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