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“Obama is not the only person who can scratch his nose with his middle finger. We scratched our noses with our middle fingers all day yesterday and all of last night.”

“I laughed when I listened to these Democrats talk about compromise. No. Compromise is off the table. They didn’t want to compromise with us, so we have no business compromising with them.”

“As you know, I’m the eternal optimist. And as long as the Democrats control the Senate, what better face than that of Dingy Harry to be the face of the Democrats in the Senate?”

“I’m being told here that Obama just said, ‘I reject the idea that my policies have taken the country in reverse.’ Let me tell you something, President Obama. You can reject it all you want,but you’ve done it, and we know you’re happy you’ve done it.”

“If you people in Connecticut would stop reading the New York Times, your life expectancy would increase and your daily happiness would expand in ways that you don’t even believe possible.”

“We simply cannot wait any longer for the Democrats to destroy themselves because when the Democrats destroy themselves, they take us and the country with them.”

“We know that the Republicans can’t repeal Obamacare, that Obama’s going to veto it. So make him. Make the Democrats stand up for this debacle.”

“People who are making over $250,000, according to Barack Obama, are somehow to blame for our deficit, somehow to blame for this out-of-control spending, somehow to blame for this generational theft. Well, what did they do to create the problem?”

“How did I end up as an American with a guy who doesn’t even like my country telling me how I have to live? How did that happen? I want somebody to tell me what is fair about one incompetent having the right to systematically destroy my country.”

“Oh, no, you have an unhappy hangover, Stacy? Those are the worst kinds of hangovers.”

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