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Rush’s Morning Update: Today
November 4, 2010

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There was a midnight call from the Treaty Room in the White House to the next speaker of the House, John Boehner. Obama, whose party had been routed, said he’s “looking forward to working with Boehner and Republicans to find common ground.”

Now, two short years ago, pundits eagerly pronounced the Republican Party dead, perhaps for a generation. Panic took hold in some quarters. Prominent voices suggested that the way forward for Republicans was to “redefine” conservatism, todeclare the “era of Reagan” over, and to learn to work with Democrats; embrace big government as a solution, instead of a problem. In those same quarters, there was considerable embarrassment and fear when I said I hope Obama failed in implementing his agenda to fundamentally transform Americainto a country we wouldn’t recognize.

But today the House –which the Founders intended to represent the will of the American people, with elections for all members every two years — has itself been transformed. It’snow the firewall between the people and a radically liberal president intent on governing against their will.

Today, conservatism is on the march. It isn’t based on finding common ground or compromise, but on protecting our way of life and economy from destruction.

Today, elected Democrats who gleefully drank the hope-and-change Kool-Aidare waking up to find thatthey have been sold a bill of goods and tossed under the Obama bus.

Today, is a good day –in America,and for America.Don’t doubt me.

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