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RUSH: Both Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman ran as moderates, proud, proud moderates. Indeed, they were the model candidates, according to the party fathers, the Republican side, and we see how well that worked out. It is what it is, folks. It is what it is. In both cases, both women were heartily endorsed by Senator McCain, and both were prominent in his campaign of 2008. How’s that hope and change working out for you? Now, exactly who are the stupid people? Last night on Fox Karl Rove said that there was a lesson in Christine O’Donnell’s defeat. The lesson is that if we don’t vet candidates, we’re gonna end up with flaws and, therefore, it’s gonna be a problem. The problem is that we didn’t vet. She decided to run on her own. The Republicans didn’t field Christine O’Donnell, they didn’t pick Christine O’Donnell. Outsiders don’t come packaged. Outsiders are not packaged by the insiders.

The lesson? The lesson? Let me tell you what Christine O’Donnell did. She has taken the Republican Party in Delaware to the right. She has moved the conservative ball forward. Sarah Palin on Fox last night said, ‘I hope everybody notices what they’re saying on CNN tonight, that even Mike Castle would have lost in Delaware last night.’ Christine O’Donnell could have won were it not for all the backbiting after her primary victory. Had the party gotten behind her, had Steele had some on-the-ground money for Nevada, who knows how that mighta turned out. We didn’t have any money on the ground in Nevada. There was no way we’re gonna combat the unions getting behind and the gaming industry getting behind Dingy Harry and who knows what the hell happened to ballot boxes in places, but there was no ground game money in Nevada and very little in Delaware, what the hell was gonna happen?

I know this. I know that Christine O’Donnell didn’t kill anybody at Chappaquiddick by driving her car off the bridge. I know that she didn’t lie about her country and denigrate her country when she got back from Vietnam. I know she didn’t do that. She doesn’t have anywhere near the baggage that prominent Democrats have. She has nowhere near the baggage that acclaimed, loved, adored, and said to be stars in the Democrat Party have. Did she ever join the Ku Klux Klan? Did she ever become a Kleagle and recruit for the Ku Klux Klan? She didn’t, did she? The Democrats have a guy who did. Robert Byrd and his seat stayed in the Democrat Party. Did she have anywhere near the kind of financial fraud and tax cheating that Charles Rangel had? No. And yet somehow there’s a lesson that we are to learn from Christine O’Donnell? Exactly who are the stupid here, Christine O’Donnell or the people who let the media and the unions put Chris Coons into that seat? Is it really smart that we have Chris Coons in the Senate from Delaware? Is it smart that we took steps that allowed that to happen? Who’s really stupid out there? Who are the stupid people? Sharron Angle or the people who let the media and the unions give the election to Harry Reid without any ground game money.

Where were the people defending Sharron Angle when her character was assaulted out of the box by Dingy Harry? Where was it? Who are the stupid people out there, the Tea Party people or the idiots in California who reelected Jerry Brown after throwing him out 28 years ago? He’s back. This idea that somehow there’s a lesson to be learned in what we do? There’s a lesson to be learned in who we nominate? There’s a lesson to be learned in who we elect? This was a wipeout last night. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, there’s nothing to be embarrassed by, there’s nothing to be depressed over. Everybody said from the get-go, this is the first step. Nobody said Obama was gonna be defeated last night. Nobody said the agenda was going to be totally reversed last night. Last night’s not even the end of the beginning. The end of the beginning is still happening.

This is Jerry Brown’s third term in California. Schwarzenegger couldn’t run ’cause it woulda been his third term. Jerry Brown waits long enough, goes over there, becomes mayor of Oakland, really burnishes his credentials, and then runs for a third term. Was Christine O’Donnell ever a Black Panther? Did she ever go to anybody’s polling place and intimidate people into not showing up, did Christine O’Donnell do that? Did Sharron Angle do any of that? Did Christine O’Donnell ever get a TARP bailout for a boyfriend of hers? A lot of Democrats did. A lot of Democrats got TARP bailouts for their husbands. Who are the smart people here? Who is it that says we have to run around and keep making excuses for ourselves? Sarah Palin campaigned for a lot of candidates, and the vast majority of them were victorious. Whitman nor Fiorina campaigned with Sarah Palin. They didn’t want her anywhere around. We see how all that turned out.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a disinformation campaign like we saw against Christine O’Donnell or Sharron Angle, Meg Whitman, Linda McMahon. You have to hand it to the news media; they did their best out there. They did their best to mischaracterize and miscategorize these people. They really did. Imagine in Nevada, the state with the highest unemployment, the worst foreclosure rate, the state that includes Las Vegas, state of Nevada, which Obama told everybody to avoid, and it still goes for Harry Reid? What could be suspicious about that? We know that people don’t like Harry Reid in Nevada. We know that. They’re on board saying so. They’re on record saying so in all kinds of polling data, worst unemployment, worst foreclosure rate, and still they vote for Harry Reid. As I say, not bad, if it is what it is, then good, we’ve got Harry Reid. He’s still there, what better face could we have as the Democrat Party?

Nikki Haley wins the governorship. Republican women who are conservative sailed. They’ve got more to be proud of than is known.

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