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RUSH: What is all this talk about compromise? This talk about compromise started last night, and it’s being given almost a full-throated throttle today. It’s coming from both sides. Compromise? Ladies and gentlemen, losers compromise. Winners do not compromise. The Democrats won nothing.

(playing Wipeout song)

RUSH: It was a wipeout, and don’t let anybody tell you anything otherwise.

(playing Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead)

RUSH: One of the shortest speakerships in history.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: I have been surrounded. I literally have been sounded by pessimism since last night, and it has amused me. It has really amused me. I was thinking about how I had to open this program in 2008 after Obama won the presidency. I was thinking about how I had to open this program in 2006. In 2008 Obama wins. They have the House and the Senate. That was a reason to be pessimistic. But I wasn’t. I opened that program in 2008 this way, November 5th: ‘Well, my friends, the new tone has finally come home to roost.’ And I pointed out that conservatism did not lose in 2008 because conservatism was not on the ballot in 2008. This was a wipeout last night. This was a total rejection of the Obama agenda. This was a total rejection of the Democrat Party.

Now, any time you have a storm go through, you’re gonna have things that don’t make any sense. Tornadoes tear up one house, go by another house and leave it totally undamaged and nobody can explain it. Nobody can explain Harry Reid, although I’m gonna try. I can tell you what happened with Boxer. I can tell you what happened with Meg Whitman. We’re talking California, we’re talking unions. There are a number of things, but there is absolutely no reason to be pessimistic about anything. People said, ‘Well, 1994, Rush, that was really big.’ Why was ’94 big? It was unexpected. It was a surprise. Last night this was expected. I warned everybody, don’t fall for this trick that they’re gonna try to dispirit you and say your win wasn’t that big. Look at what happened to state legislators. Ladies and gentlemen, according to the Republican State Leadership Committee, 19 legislative bodies have switched from Democrat to Republican control, which means they did better than they had hoped for in their wildest dreams. They hoped to pick up 17. They are gonna be redrawing congressional districts.

Every Democrat in the House, I don’t care, every Democrat in the House, Blue Dogs that went out and openly campaigned, supporting Obama and health care lost. We are two Americas. We have flyover America and we have the coasts. Take a look at the map. It’s 90% red. The blue is on the coasts, a little bit in Texas, a little bit here in south Florida. We do have two Americas and Obama is gonna do his best to continue to divide this country. I have to laugh. I laughed when I listened to these guys, Democrats, Obama and his aides talking about, ‘Well, now it’s time to compromise.’ No. Compromise is off the table. They didn’t want to compromise with us and we have no business compromising with them. They lost. Losers compromise. We don’t. We’ve got nothing to compromise. Where do we compromise with this agenda? There’s not one aspect of this agenda that’s worth compromising. This agenda must be stopped. That’s what this election meant.

Make no mistake about it, I don’t care what they’re saying in public, I don’t care what Obama says in his upcoming press conference, I am telling you that Obama knows the truth. The Democrats know the truth of what happened. They were wiped out. Sixty seats, folks. That is almost unprecedented. Sixty seats in the House of Representatives, the people’s house.

(playing Obama parody song)

(playing Wipeout song)

RUSH: Don’t let anybody tell you differently. Unprecedented in modern times, previous record, 55 seats back in ’32 when Hoover was rejected.

(playing Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead)

RUSH: And it’s bye-bye Pelosi. And, by the way, folks, as you know, I’m the eternal optimist. As long as the Democrats control the Senate, what better face than that of Dingy Harry to be the face of the Democrats in the Senate. It’s also not a bad thing that Chuck Schumer is unhappy as hell because he was figuring to be the next leader. He had already buried Dingy Harry. He and Dick Turban were going to have a big knock-down, drag-out for Dingy Harry’s gig, and now Dingy Harry hangs on. Dingy Harry hangs on, and he is the face of the Democrat Party. And the country is asking, ‘How in the heck can this happen?’ and the country is saying, ‘Unions, fraud and deceit.’ Any Democrat win last night was either the result of fraud or deceit, or in the case of West Virginia, Governor Manchin running as Ronald Reagan, Governor Manchin as a Democrat promising to torpedo cap and trade. If this guy does not vote against the Obama agenda the next two years, he’s toast in 2010.


RUSH: So they want to compromise, huh? They say they want to compromise. After telling us, after saying after 2008 Obama and the White House telling us, ‘Well, you want to talk to me about tax cuts? Fine. Well, I won. Screw you. I won.’ In the last two weeks, President Obama has said, ‘Well, you know what? Republicans drove the car in the ditch. They want to help fix it they have to sit in the back. Republicans, sit in the back of the car. We don’t mind them to be in the car but sit in the back.’ Now they want to compromise? From Politico: ‘A top aide to President Barack Obama said not to look for a change in his ‘fundamental principles, but certainly there were messages that have to be heeded, and we will.” Well, which is it? Because the message last night was, ‘Screw your fundamental principles.’

The message last night was, ‘We don’t like your fundamental principles.’ The message last night was, ‘We don’t like health care. We don’t like financial regulatory reform. We don’t like expansive government. We don’t like bigger government. We don’t like higher taxes. We don’t like anything your core beliefs represent. We don’t like anything you stand for.’ If there’s any compromise that needs to take place, it’s Mr. Obama and the Democrats compromising with the American people rather than governing against the will of the American people. The message last night: Barack Obama is not the only person who can scratch his nose with his middle finger. We scratched our noses with our middle fingers all day yesterday and all of last night.

You’re back to the Politico story and the Obama aide: ”If you believe in democracy, we were swept in by a big wave, so you have to pay attention to these results and what people are saying,’ the aide said. ‘They want us to work together, to focus on the economy — for jobs and growth — and we-re going to do that.” No, we don’t want to ‘work together,’ and the American people did not say they want to work with you. The American people said yesterday they want to stop you! The clear meaning of this election is 60 seats. Folks, don’t get all bummed out here because of what happened with Harry Reid and Boxer and so forth. The year of 1994, as I said, was a big upper because it was such a surprise.

Yesterday this was expected, and so there wasn’t much drama to it. There weren’t any over-the-top expectations, surprise and so forth, so people have a tendency to go, ‘Ho-hum.’ Sixty seats! This is a repudiation the likes of which is rarely seen, and this was a repudiation of the president of the United States. It’s 60 seats and counting. This was a repudiation of his agenda. This was a repudiation of the Democrat Party — and make no mistake, the Democrats and their allies in the media know it full well. That’s why they’re now out with this spin that what it all means is the American people want a compromise. No, no, no. We don’t want to stop. We don’t want to put a dead stop to the Democrat Party and its agenda.

My question is to the aide to President Obama who is quoted here in The Politico is, ‘They want us to work together, focus on the economy for jobs and growth.’ You’ve been doing that for two years and you have destroyed jobs and growth in the economy. But since when do you and the Obama regime care anything about what the people are saying? You have been governing against the will of the American people from the first day you were immaculated. When, all of a sudden, do you care what the American people want? If you cared what the American people want, last night would not-a happened. If you cared what people want, you would-a gained seats. If you had been acting on the desires, the hopes and dreams of the American people, the Republican Party would have been aced out of existence.

You, the Democrats, had that power, you had that possibility. I was never worried it was gonna happen because liberals are liberals, and they view the American people with contempt, and they are viewing you with contempt today. While saying they want to reach out to you, while saying this election means that the Republicans better realize the American people want to compromise, they’re sitting behind closed doors and holding you in utter contempt. How dare you do this last night? How dare you deny these Democrats their seats? John Dingell is history. Michigan practically was swept aside in favor of Republicans. There are four more leaning Republicans and 12 more undecided. Depending on how they fall, we could be over 70 before all this is done. ‘But, Rush! But, Rush! But, Rush! What about the Senate?’

Ladies and gentlemen, it is what it is. Is there anybody in the Senate…? The Senate does not have the same aura about it that the House of Representatives has. The Democrats in the Senate did not take to the streets and walk publicly and taunt people in the Tea Party as they went to vote for health care. The House Democrats did that. The Senate Democrats did not behave — en masse, in unison — as the House Democrats did. You go forward to 2012. What was remarkable about yesterday… What’s the pickup, six or seven Senate seats now? Okay, we’re at six, and on the really optimistic upside, it could go to nine, but we’re at six solid right now. Stop and think of this. Where were we two years ago?

Where were we two years ago? We were lost, and it was lost, and it was over. So many of us thought America as we knew it had been wiped out. No. America as we know it spoke up and has been saved. Now, you go forward to 2012. Republicans had the most seats to defend last night in the Senate. You go forward to 2012. The Democrats have to defend 21 seats — and make no mistake: Those 21 are up for reelection in 2012, they knew exactly, know exactly what happened last night. They’re gonna have to behave like a bunch of Joe Manchins if they want to survive. A significant number of them are. The House of Representatives is where all of the Obama legislation was written. It was where all of it originated.

It’s understandable the House has, as a whole, an identity whereas the Senate by nature of its existence does not. ‘The tone was more humble…’ Back to the Politico piece. ‘The tone was more humble than is customary for this White House, and the aide promised a period of introspection. The aide also mentioned deficits as an area that the parties can do a better job of working together. ‘There are lessons for us, and there are lessons for [Republicans], as well,’ the aide said. ‘This wasn’t a vote for more partisanship, for more ideology.’ The hell it wasn’t. It was exactly that. It is exactly why I voted. It is exactly why the vast majority of Americans voted. It was a vote of ‘No!’ It was a vote to stop. It was a vote of anti-liberalism. It was a vote against the Democrat Party. It was not a vote to work together.

‘Why are you spending so much time on this, Rush?’

Because there are people on our side who are being sucked into it. There are people on our side who are being sucked into the whole notion of compromise because they know the press is gonna love that and the press is gonna love them. The press is gonna treat them fairly. ‘Reaching across the aisle’ is what was rejected last night. We had two candidates in California who epitomize the ‘ideal’ Republican candidate. We had two women, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina and we were told, ‘This is like how the Republicans win in the future: Moderate, reasonable, understandable women.’ What happened to ’em? They were defeated. The very people responsible for creating the mess were reelected. Moderates — people who want to reach across the aisle, people who want to work together, people who use the word ‘bipartisan’ — were rejected, were defeated. Soundly. In California alone, the idea that we can work together and we should, is suicidal.


RUSH: Last night was a wipeout. Sixty seats, perhaps 64 before it’s all said and done. Look at how the Democrats treated Republican women. In California, both Whitman and Fiorina, and Christine O’Donnell, they were called the B-word, the W-word. So the B-word, W-word, the slut word, they all lost, according to the media. What a triumph for the feminists. What a triumph for the NAGs. Calling a woman a slut, calling a woman a whore, calling a woman a bitch lets you win an election. You call a woman a bitch, you call her a whore, you call her a slut, and you win. What a great night for the feminists. What a great night for the Democrats. I’ll tell you another reason Obama is deathly afraid of Marco Rubio. The next editor of the Harvard Review was its first Hispanic. That’s right. This Rubio candidacy and victory last night has everybody on the Democrat side quaking in their boots. This notion that they’re happy, this notion that they think it coulda been a lot worse for them and they dodged a bullet and this notion that they’re gonna compromise, before the television coverage started last night, before the exit polls were fully released and in full force, Democrats were getting a first glance at what was happening accurately portrayed their party as facing a mass murder, in a political sense. Sixty seats. Did the Democrats pick up 60 seats with Obama in 2008? They did not. Not since Herbert Hoover has the party picked up 60 seats in the House of Representatives.


RUSH: There was a meeting today on Capitol Hill, right before the program started. Republican leaders held a press conference. This is a portion of what Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, and he might well be the majority leader if he holds on. This is what he had to say.

MCCONNELL: We are indeed humbled and ready to listen to the American people who are determined to stop the agenda Americans have rejected and turn the ship around. We’ll work with the administration when they agree with the people and confront them when they don’t. This election yesterday was clearly a referendum on the administration and the Democratic majority here in the Congress. It seems to me the best strategy for the other side would be to listen to the voters yesterday. They made a clear statement about what they’d like to see done. If the president comes in our direction, obviously, we want to make progress for the country over the next few years.

RUSH: ‘If the president comes in our direction.’ Compromise only happens for the losers. The winners do not compromise.

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